Trouble checking out: anyone else?


Hi, I’m trying to checkout, but after typing in my credit card info I’m getting a cryptic error message that says “Something went wrong, please try again”.

I’ve tried 3 times, with 2 different credit cards. I tried emptying the cart, signing out, coming back and adding the gigs again, but still got the same error.

It happened first last night, and again this afternoon when I tried (about 16 hours apart). Customer service hasn’t answered me yet, I emailed them about this last night when it first happened.

Does anyone know exactly what the error means? Is it happening to anyone else, or just me?


This is happening to me right now! I have a client wanting to purchase my gig (first one!) but he has put his card information in multiple times and it keeps coming up with the error message.

He also said it’s already taken it out of his bank account, but I have not received any information that it’s been purchased.

What do I do?


Same problem here.

"something went wrong, please try again"

I got message regarding transaction… Guess what!? It was a receipt.

Shame Fiverr!

You tell me something went wrong, took my money and never gave me product or service. :-q


It just did, 3 times for me! If it continuous like this probably the Credit Card companies will take some serious action, as customers like us are in trouble now that the credit card companies to assist and support. Hey Fiverr guys, you are giving a good service, but please correct this issue.


This isn’t the first time it’s happened for me… but I keep getting the issue intermittently with any card I use.

I haven’t seen a solution posted either.


You’re welcome. I’m glad to be of service.


Has anybody tried reporting it to Fiverr Support? Maybe they can help sort this out.


hi i have this problem too… what should i do now…??


It’s a bug. You have to contact customer support and submit a request. They will fix this for you. Best of luck.


Same thing here!


A year later and this issue still exists


Okay no wonder my bank was more confused. Been getting this error for two days now hope customer support will get back to me today.