Trouble connecting payment to my account


Hi everyone,

I’m new to the site and completed gig yesterday through Buyer’s request. However, this was done through the chat(she sent me something to edit) and not through Fiverr because I’m not sure how to link my PayPal account to my Fiverr account.

I’ve looked up this question and went through the suggested steps. I went to Selling > Earnings but my Direct Deposit and PayPal options are greyed out. Because I just set up PayPal yesterday, I have no money in it.

I also went to Selling > Orders to see if I could send an order to the client. She asked me to set up the payment and I can’t tell what she’s seeing on my profile. I’m unsure how to set up the payment or send that order to her.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve completed her edits but she cannot accept them till I send her the official request.




If you did the work via chat without an actual order (green order-button) then there is no order generated and therefore no payment.
You didn’t use the order process of Fiverr.
A work around in this situation would be that your buyer orders via the order process and you deliver via the order process.

You should check out how Fiverr works and read the TOS.


Hi Mariokluser,

I know I didn’t go through Fiverr which is why I need some help! Is this issue on my buyer’s end, then?

I’ve read through the TOS as well as solutions to the problem. Do you know why my PayPal option would be greyed out? Is it because the buyer didn’t officially place an order with me? Once she does place the order, would I be able to link PayPal to my account? Again, I’m not sure why it is greyed out.



You can’t link your PayPal account until you have cleared funds available to withdraw - that’s why it’s greyed out.

Until you do work via an order, you won’t get any funds to withdraw.

Please don’t do work for nothing, which is what you’ve done. :frowning:

Added - this might help:


Hi there,

Since I’m new, I wasn’t sure how this would work! How am I able to send an order to my client? Or does she need to officially place an order with me first? She asked me to send her an order so she can accept it. I just don’t know how to do this.

I checked out Selling > Orders and my dashboard. Again, does she need to request something from me first?

I saw that video but that implies the client would need to have placed an order with me first…is that correct?



Here’s how to send a custom offer:

To be honest I rarely use them (I know lots of others who do though) - if it’s something that’s offered in one of your gigs, just ask them to order the appropriate gig. Makes it easier for you to start with as you work out how the site works.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I sent a custom offer so hopefully this solves the problem. Thanks so much!!


Thats correct. Follow the link shared by @offlinehelpers and send your client a custom offer. It’s really easy. With custom offers, you can modify the gig details (e.g price, delivery time etc) before sending them to the client


Great, thanks :slight_smile: That really clears things up. Since I completed the work, I just sent her the customized offer. Now that I know how it works, I won’t do anymore work until I get payment.