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Trouble connecting to fiverr's servers


I have had and continue to have extended periods of time where I am unable to connect to both and’s server(s). Support has indicated that the problem is my “environment” I am skeptical since I visit dozens of websites every day without problem. Even as I type this an error dialog keeps popping up. Anyone else have this issue.


Yes. Me as well. Since day one as a matter of fact.

Mainly, it’s connecting to the forums. Once in a while it’s connecting to Fiverr itself.

Many times I have wanted to browse or post here on the forums but can’t connect. Then, some random time later I can connect again. Then, no.

This has been since day 1 so now I just consider it normal.

And, I have no problems connecting to any other site. I’ve always just thought it’s Fiverr updating or something since the Forum is still pretty new.


Yep, occasionally happens to me too, especially with the forums.


I am having a complete shut down of om my office network. At home itvworks fine. On my iphone without wifi, it works fine. I have absolutly no issue with any ither website. This must be some hosting complication with fiverr. Any one has any idea?