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Trouble creating my first gig


Hi! My name is Nonna and I am a new Fiverr user. I am trying to create my first gig, but am getting an incorrect error message. Any tips would be appreciated!

I am trying to complete the Description & FAQ section. When I try to save and continue I get this error message at the top:

!Gig service updater answer is too long (maximum is 300 characters).

The problem is that all of my character counts are within the right parameters! Has anyone seen this before? What do I do? I can’t get past this page and will lose all progress in that section if I exit without saving. Thanks!


Hey there @nvance333, welcome on board! I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but I’m afraid your only option is to exit and start all over again. I mean, it surely is bothersome but it won’t take you long to recreate the entire gig. Just save the decription and the faq you’ve created so far in a .txt file so you won’t have to rewrite them :slight_smile:


Thanks! These are great suggestions! This is actually what I’ve been thinking ab doing. I’ve sent a message to the support team, but if I don’t hear back soon I will try that. I’m just afraid that it will do the same thing again, ha! Thanks for your help @matteo_brivio!


I wish that I could do more… Let us know how it goes!



I did as @matteo_brivio suggested. I exited the page after I saved the text from my description and faqs, then went back in to edit the gig. This worked! Thanks @matteo_brivio!


I had this same issue, and couldn’t find any solutions online to fix it.

Turns out, the ‘300 character limit’ that is in the FAQ section INCLUDES the question itself. So make sure your question AND answer are under 300 characters, together.

This resolved my issue. Just thought I would share for future people with this issue.


I had the same issue and starting everything all over didn’t fix it. It turns out that the number of characters showing as having been entered for one of the questions was not correct. For some reason, on my 5th FAQ, Fiverr was not updating that number correctly. I had over 300 characters but it was showing much less. The way I figured it out was by restarting everything (as suggested by someone else on here) and saving after entering every bit of information…so saving after entering the description (which btw can be over 300 characters as it shows at the bottom…only the FAQ are limited at 300), saving after entering the first question and one line of the answer, saving after entering the rest of the answer, saving after doing the same for the second question and so on. It’s cumbersome but it will help you figure out where the problem really is, and it will help you avoid losing everything you’ve entered.