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Trouble Posting My Gigs This Morning 4/11/14

I have tried posting one gig 3 times this morning and it won’t go past the Gig Extra Page. It tells me “Dang didn’t save try again” when I do I get a red alert message saying I’m trying to save the same gig twice.

Is anyone else having this problem?

When will this problem be solved?

Thanks fiverr and everyone!

I just happened to make a new gig on 4/10 without any problem. It sounds like some sort of technical issue you’re having. I often have problems because I use Internet Explorer and Fiverr doesn’t seem to be optimized for it. Whenever I file a ticket with CS, they tell me to use a different browser, always Chrome or Firefox, but I don’t want a bunch of browsers so sometimes I have to muddle through. For example, I can’t update the photos on my gigs. I have to create a new gig & delete the old one if I want fresh pictures and of course that means losing all the sample photos of my finished work. I also can’t upload a banner photo & my profile picture won’t show up in the forums…all things I’ve tried to get help from CS without luck. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to help you (they HAVE occasionally uploaded the photos for me if I send them to them) so you might need to contact them. Otherwise, wait a day or so and try again or do what CS will probably tell you to do: try a different browser.

Good luck!

celticmoon said: I can't update the photos on my gigs

What do you mean?

When I first created my gigs, I posted 3 photos of what I sell. As time went on, I wanted to put fresh photos up, delete the old ones. But when I go into the “edit gigs” area, after uploading the new photos (I can see all 3 of the new photos on the page, so that part works), I can’t get it to save & continue. I just see the spinning “wait/working on this” symbol forever & ever. I’ve tried different sizes of photos. I don’t get any error message, I just can’t get it to save. YET I have no problem sending photos to my buyers - I usually send 3 or 4 or their finished product(s) when I mail them out AND many of them get posted as work samples - and I have no problem when creating new gigs. It’s only when I try to change the photos on my gigs after they’ve been up & running. It only started AFTER Fiver ver. 2. Before that, I used to periodically update my photos to show my latest work (not customer samples; I also sell from my home).

Weird, right? At least I think it is. And CS just says use a different browser.

I have had similar problems like that occasionally. My preferred browser is a pretty much unknown one ( Opera new version) and when I do have a difficulty like this, I switch to a different browser (most times Chrome) and it usually works. Funny thing is Opera is now based on the same rendering engine as Chrome as is Safari.