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Trouble Shooting Disabled Account Verification with Customer Service


Unfortunately, I unintentionally violated Fiverr’s rules by having two accounts. I know now to completely read every line of the rules and I take responsibility for what happened. I am fortunate that Fiverr only disabled one of the accounts, instead of completely kicking me off the site. Here is my issue:

My account was disabled more than 90 days ago and I would like to get the money out of the account, if Fiverr agrees. The problem I am having is that I am:

  1. not able to log in to the disabled account, which I need to be able to do in order to:
  2. remember the email that I used to create the account

Fiverr customer service is asking me to verify the email on the disabled account, which I set up two years ago for this particular fiverr account and never checked after setting it up. So, I don’t remember what that email address is. I know that it is stored under my disabled account and if I could log in, I could see it/see beginning/end of it, which would be enough to jog my memory. I have spent hours trying different variations and can’t remember what the email address is.

Has anyone had luck in verifying a disabled account without using the email associated with that account?

I really can’t answer that but the pro Fiverr user should be able to help

I have not heard of pro fiverr user. I just googled it and don’t see much. Do you happen to have a link? Thank you so much for your response (Either way)

Who, may I ask, are these users?

Because they are more experienced that we New Seller

I don’t understand. Is there a specific user you have in mind or a group of user? I’ve never heard of a pro Fiverr user.

I think they mean Pro Sellers, the guys that got on Fiverr a couple of months ago.

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You need to verify each and everything they ask for. Otherwise they won’t let you get a single from the account. And I think you must be contacting them from another account so that’s why they need to verify. Otherwise there is no chance I guess. But wait for the other answers. Good Luck

Starting two threads about this probably won’t help unfortunately.

I doubt Fiverr will work with you on an account you cannot access/verify. Good luck. (Your duplicate topic was removed.)