Trouble submitting GiGs


I recently signed up and have tried everything to submit my gig to buyer requests - I click the button, window pops up and then nothing. It does not show up as submitted either. Please assist or point me to a response if possible. Thanks in advance!


I have the same issue. I was wondering if it relates to the fiverr seller status or if there is a limit of how many requests you can respond to in a given period?


Reply to @corinnasdesk: You get to make 1 offer every 24 hours as a level non. Dunno if you get more when you level up.

Well thats not entirely correct. I usually get a new offer around 1:30 PM CET. I’ve made offers about 30 minutes before that and then got to make a second one at 1:30 PM.


How do I send a PDF as instructions for a gig. The mail system only seems to attach photos … On ipad chrome and other browsers.


Reply to @quickreaders: I’ve send out PDF’s without any problems using Chrome. But that was from my PC.


Maybe it is because it on an ipad.