Trouble with an oder


Actually, I have modified an order as requested by buyer more than 2 times. Again he told me to modify it. I asked him in which area do I need to modify where is the fault and mark the areas so that I can give focus and modify it in a better way but he just replied me rudely that it’s not his business.:confused:
Now I just need to do cancel this order. I am just fed up with this order and buyer.

So my question is If I cancel it my profile will be hampered or not?
Thank you


The Seller Help and Education Center is a great place to gain knowledge. :pineapple:

:eight_pointed_black_star: Order Completions and Cancellations FAQ :eight_pointed_black_star:


It’s a perfect example of a scammer who wants your work for free.
If he doesn’t like what you made and wants a modification, he has to be able to tell you what exactly has to be modified.
Give him a hard time and if it gets worse contact CS. Don’t let anyone harass you.