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Trouble With Main Gig Searchability

So I’m confused… I’ve been selling on fiverr for over a year now and It’s been going pretty well. I have 4 different gigs. 3 for different voice overs, and one for podcast editing. All gigs are getting a decent amount of traffic, except for my first, and main voice over gig. When I search the specific keywords to try to find it on fiverr, it NEVER shows up in search. My eLearning voice over gig will show up, but never my main gig. My analytics show that it does get some traffic, but it’s much, much lower than all of my other gigs.

I’d love if anyone has any insight. I’ll give the links to my profile that shows all my gigs, and the link to the gig I’m having trouble with. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Troubled fiverr gig:

My profle.

You could try different search tags - tags for things that also appear somewhere in your title/gig description might help if you’re currently using one or more that don’t.

Maybe being more specific in the title could help eg. adding “male voice over” instead of just “voice over”?

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Thanks for the advice! I just updated it a bit. I’ve tried so many different descriptions and tags its seems like. All my other gigs get searched though, and not this one.