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Trouble with seller not delivering, denying disputes, and marking job complete

I have a job being done by a seller for some graphics work. There are about 10 simple illustrations required. The first three he sent me were clipart he copied from various clipart sites. He hasn’t delivered anything else. I can’t use Clipart. When the deadline for the job was up, I started a dispute. I asked for a mutual cancellation. He denied the dispute.

So I’m stuck with Fiverr holding my money hostage while this guy doesn’t deliver anything.

He said he was working on it, and told me it would be done ‘soon’. When I asked when ‘soon’ was he said Today. (that was Yesterday). Then he sent me a picture that was literally of some text that says “Work is in progress” and marked the job as delivered. He sent me a message saying “im sending this text to just extend the delivery time.” Why is this even possible?
I requested a revision because it’s the only option I had to prevent Fiverr from paying him and me not having anything delivered! What kind of a scam circus is this?

How can I get this cancelled and get my money back so I can hire someone that will actually do the work?

This is against the Terms of Service. You can report this to customer support and also request that they cancel the order. Please note that this can sometimes take 24 hours or more so do not submit multiple support tickets.

I suggest you also visit the Fiverr Terms of Service and familiarize yourself with how the site works too.

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Alright, thanks for the help.