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Trouble with the buyer's requests!

Buyer’s requests for sellers or buyers? The irony!

I’m new to fiverr and have read that I could send offers to various buyers by looking at the buyer’s requests. Since my niche is article/blog writing I filtered and was shocked to find just 1 request out of a 100 maybe from a buyer, rest all are sellers trying to sell through this option.

I’m really confused and shouldn’t we all take a stand on this so that we don’t waste time going through all this to find a legitimate client?

Yes, I have observed this too in graphics and video creation but not that many. We can only remove these requests and cannnot report them. I doubt if any seller looks at these type of requests. Still people waste time putting these requests.

Yah probably for graphic and video but when I checked for article writing I only saw sellers requesting for work. Defeats the purpose of it all

Organize a worker’s union. Lets fight this madness!