Trouble Withdrawing Funds to Paypal


Hey there,

Until now, I’ve never had trouble withdrawing my funds to paypal. I’ve only ever had the one paypal account, nothing has changed, and paypal says that nothing is wrong on their end. However, when I go to my revenues page, the button for withdrawing to paypal is grey, indicating that it is non-functional. In addition, direct contact with Customer Support for Fiverr seems to be down as well. Any insights here?

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Take a few minutes to search the forum and you will find this issue is annoyingly common these days and many suggestions/solutions have already been offered. Good luck. :slight_smile:


I have, but honestly, most of them are people saying that they’ve switched paypal accounts or haven’t activated it or something like that. I use this account regularly, and have transferred well over a thousand. All of a sudden, it just isn’t working anymore.


Maybe your suspected activity is being reviewed by admin…

Remember the last action…