Troubled seller


Hello, i had a falling out with a seller that ordered a proofreading gig from me
only for him to disappear for 6days, and on returning, told me that he wanted the whole book re-written to pass copy-space. i didn’t sign up for that, but I’m being strong-armed to do it otherwise i get 0 star.
i just felt sick immediately i saw this buyers message, although the order has been marked as complete (automatically) i wanted to know if he could still leave a negative review on my gig.


Pretty sure he could still leave a negative review.


He has 30 days to leave a review.

Perhaps you could make screenshots of the conversation and contact Customer Support? That way, if he does leave a negative review, Customer Support will know what’s going on, and you have a better chance of getting it removed.

And if he is threatening you in any way, definitely report him to Customer Support.


can i turn down the order? is there a way i can just refund the money since the order was completed automatically? it’s a $5 order to completely re-write a 26 page ebook to bypass
plagiarism detector. i don’t think it is worth my time.


I think that mutual cancellations are no longer possible once the order is marked as complete.


I agree with everything catwriter said, and if you´ll end up with a negative review and contact CS about it, I´d prepare a text that explains, in polite, clear and simple words, that proofreading is absolutely not the same as re-writing, and most certainly not in the scope of a whole book, and that every proofreader would confirm that, for if they offer you the option to ask your client to change their review - seeing some recent forum posts of sellers since the ‘soliciting negative feedback removal’ thing, and as you already say ‘falling out’, I´d not try to talk about a negative review with them directly, but go over Customer Service in any case.

I don´t think you can just refund it from your side now, though if you did your work, you should get your money, that your buyer is either completely oblivious about the difference between proofreading and…de-plagiarizing, or, worse, is aware of it and tries to exploit your gig, isn´t your fault.

I´d explain the issue to CS, the cancellation policy lists among the reasons CS will cancel an order:

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements.

You’ll find the whole thing here:

Good luck.


it’s a $5 order to completely re-write a 26 page ebook to bypass plagiarism detector.

kind of ironic… :wink: Wonder where he got the PLR…
Don’t worry about the feedback @anthonyfive - you’ll have better clients later to make up for it. Cheers


If you’re that nervous about them client leaving a negative review, you can refund the order. If they decline it, you can submit the refund again and then let Customer Service know what’s going on. They’ll most likely force the cancellation through on their end. Just explain what’s going on and take screenshots of everything to submit to them. Especially if the client is harassing you at all.

Or, you can tell the client you aren’t going to do any extras you didn’t agree upon and let them leave the review. You get to tell your side of the story underneath their review and you get to keep the money.