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Troubles uploading gig video

Please i need help am finding it difficult to upload my gig video (one minute) once it get to 80% it will stop and display an error message please is there anything i can do to correct that. THANKS


Hi, What is the error message?

Hi voiceoverwork,

it displays unknown error and at times when its about finishing at 88% it just stops uploading, i thought its my browser in the first place so i did the same thing to other browsers it still display the error message. what did you think i can do. THANKS

Reply to @greatconcepts:

MP4 format works best.

Must be under 50mb.

Less than 60 seconds.

Chrome seems to be the most bug free browser for Fiverr.

Helllo voiceoverwork,

Thanks for the reply i really appreciate your contribution. Thanks once again.