Troubleshooting for Buyers: My Seller is Nudging Me! (ORDER STATUS INCOMPLETE)


Hello there,

here´s some info I hope will help you, if the title of this thread made you click it.

If you got a ‘Nudge, nudge…’ message from your Seller (s/he didn´t type that btw, we can just push a Nudge button and Fiverr sends you that autogenerated message)
or you´re wondering why time is passing and you didn´t hear anything from your seller, they didn´t ask you something you think they should ask to be able to do your order etc.,

please check if you provided all Order Requirements for the Gig you ordered (all gigs have an order requirement page, but depending on what a Seller needs from you to be able to do your job, the requirements differ (e. g. attach a file, answer a multiple choice question or more, type a free text, some sellers have mandatory requirements or/and optional ones, others only optional ones),
which ideally you should have done after you accepted your Seller’s offer, because else your order status will stay in Order Status Incomplete and your Seller won´t/can´t start to work on it.

Screenshot to help you find the Order Requirement Page:

And here one of what the Order Incomplete/Not Started Situation looks like on Seller’s side, in case you wonder:

Once you submitted whatever requirements your Seller needs in order to get your job done, you can lean back and look forward to their delivery. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting this, Miiila! I had no idea that Fiver autopopulated that message with my “nudge” until the client completed the requirements of my offer. I think we should at least be aware of what’s written on our behalf and ideally be able to change it or remove it even. I think the language with the nudge could be really off-putting for some clients and it’s misleading. Looks like I wrote it. I should have control over my “voice” here.

Also, great points about how to make sure (as a client) that you’ve fully accepted someone’s offer. I’ve noticed that some clients think they have approved it when they haven’t. Some user experience issues Fiverr should fix for sure.

You rock! This is a great post for newbie Fiverr sellers.


Corresponding post for Sellers ;):


Perfect! You’re a gem. Or a wizard. One of those things.


Honestly, the Fiverr auto messages are ridiculously awful. They MIGHT have been ok for the original “fun stuff for a fiver” concept but for the professional image they are trying to achieve they look stupid to the point that I do not use them if at all possible.

I mean, it says Aloha and other rubbish when I hit vacation mode due to being busy - it’s like I’m sunning myself somewhere and for any buyer who has just placed an order it induces panic. Yet there is no other option!

If I need to ask a buyer for an extra day for an order which I know will not be a problem for them, I had to hit a button which then yells DISPUTE, DISPUTE! in big red text!

I could go on but I’ll summarise here and say that not one of the auto messages are fit for purpose - even their “Coffee and biscuits” message irritates me.
Or maybe I’m just grumpy today, IDK…


[details=Care Bear off-topic-bit]I like the Coffee&Biscuits message, as it shows they are humans and not all robots :stuck_out_tongue: and because it reminds me that a coffee and biscuit break, or just getting up and out, is a good idea, but I agree with all the rest, so maybe that makes you less grumpy or makes us both…grumpuses?..grumpi…?..grumpylings?..Grumpy Bears!

[in case anyone doesn´t know the Care Bears][/details]


Not sure about being a Care Bear but I tend to identify with Squidward more than the other SpongeBob characters.


I fear my knowledge there is lacking, I only know SpongeBob and only from seeing him (I assume him because of the ‘Bob’ part) on merchandise.


You’re missing out big time.
Eh, I mean the kids love it.


I agree. I like the light tone but I wish it would clarify that it’s an autogenerated message and not from me! “Hey this is Fiverr letting you know that your buyer still needs information” or something like that. Because their voice is nothing like my voice and my voice is a big part of my brand.



YES!!! I was just thinking how we should be able to specify because I’ve had a buyer give me attitude about me “going on vacation” (god forbid I have a life or get sick!)


Jealous! Haha seriously, though. Hope that wasn’t too stressful.


Of course agree with you but in past sometimes order start automatically no need to nudge :joy:


Exactly! Great post. It will definitely help some new buyers on the platform.


Many Many Thanks.Great Post.


Great work! When buyers (mostly new to Fiverr), forget or don’t know about submitting requirements, instead of sending the nudge, I wrote my own nudge text. It’s something along the lines of “hey there friend, thank you for your order. In order for your order to be activated (officially started here on Fiverr) , I need you to submit the script (or whatever you need) in the section marked “buyer requirements” (or whatever it’s called now if that’s changed, so I can get to work!”

Just like with many things in this life, a few words can go a long way.

I wish you all success and send a warm greeting from Sunny Cancun!


Important update :wink: the ‘nudge text’ has been changed recently by Fiverr, to the relief of many a seller. :fireworks:


Hi miiila
This Is Good Info ^^


This got me laughing - DISPUTE DISPUTE!:grinning: