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TRS Badge Given on 15th only?

Hi everyone. I am new to the TRS race. There is a question which I see has not been answered yet. Here it is:

My best seller gig has a Fiverr’s Choice Badge and I just met the requirements for TRS nomination but the issue I have now is that is the manual review done by Fiverr only on the 15th of each month? Do people get their TRS Badge on the 16th or 17th after the manual review? For those that did not get the badge, when do they get the mail notifying them that they were not selected. These are questions that are bothering me right now. I really wish to know if I should still be expectant this month or I wait till next month and so on…


I’ve never seen anyone get it any day other than the 15th. EDIT: I just had a friend get awared TRS the day after this topic started…on the 16th. So it can happen.

But please, listen to me on this, STOP worrying about achieving TRS. Literally pay no attention to it. Just keep doing your best and at some point you may get the bump. Do not waste energy on thinking about it. Use all of that energy to serve clients and improve your service and someday you will achieve TRS.

First, meeting the “requirements” only gets you into the pile of people to consider. Very few people get bumped to TRS on their first evaluation. I personally know a couple dozen level 2 buyers that are all high quality and exceed the requirements and have been waiting on TRS for 2 years or more.

Second, do not place too high a value on what TRS will do for you. I know TRS that literally saw no change in their sales after becoming TRS. If I had a dollar for every person that got TRS and was disappointed because it didnt start raining orders, I’d…have a lot of extra dollars :wink:

I know this isnt what you want to hear but I promise you, the stress of being concerned with it is not at all worth the energy that you sacrifice for other parts of your service. Just be great and eventually you will get it.

Good luck.



Thank you so much Matt for the wonderful information. Your response means a lot to me. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Also, to follow up, I just had a friend get TRS today…which is the 16th…so it can happen on days besides the 15th :slight_smile:

Hadnt seen it before but you know…Fiverr…

Thank you so much for getting back to me Mat. You have solved a great puzzle for me.