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TRS - Changed tags and gig image, search position went from #1 to bottom

I have been a top rated seller since 2013 with 10k orders completed, and have been top on the translation search results.

Lately, my orders went down and I changed my gig image and 2 of the 5 tags, I have now reverted to my old tags.
But now my gig is not listed even close to the top 28 gig in the search results, so I am getting very few orders.

Is there anything I can do? I have contacted support and they say my gig is in good standing, and the search results are dynamic and reflect current performance, so because my gig is not on top, I get no orders, and my performance drops.

Had great performance for years, know because a small change that I did not know affected so much, is my GIG dead ?

Please help, if you had something similar happen

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I just searched under translation and you are number 1 on the first page!


Is it sorted by relevance?

It’s average customer review. For me that appears as the default.

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The main problem I see is that my gig is not even on the top28 unless you sort by top rated seller
And I think a lot of users dont use that
Before there was a High rating filters, but know avg ratings filter works different

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THanks for the info, maybe I have been unlucky, because I see others with 12 or 17 orders and I got 0 now

I just searched as I told you and that is what came up. Don’t think you have anything to worry about. You have 4 orders in your queue! Anyhow will leave it with you.

Maybe it is not upadated, because currently I have 0 I delivered everything a few hours ago
Thanks again

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