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TRS Evaluation Results


Thanks for the list yet, generic or not, interesting to read for those who didn´t qualify yet. And better luck next time!


Let’s be honest, that was expected. It’s not like they could send a customized response to everyone. But this does prove that just like the Pro Program there are some metrics for TRS we don’t know about and fail to meet.


Hi @ssj1236, I have also Received Same Notification, I’m already doing well and Hard but Fiverr saying Improve more Services, I will wait Next Evaluation for TRS :thinking:


it was bubble and finally bust… no any excitement



I’m staying level 2 as well. It’s better than demotion to level 1, so I’m happy! :slight_smile:

And I’ve been level 2 already for many years, and I’ve provided my best service all the time, so nothing has been any different to my buyers. So I wouldn’t even understand why I would suddenly be promoted. :grin:


I didn’t expect too much anyway, so I don’t feel disappointed. Let’s get back to work.


To everyone who didn’t make it, hang in there. With the reduced number of level 2 sellers, we have the advantage! Stay strong.


After 3 years of quality work and meeting all requirements for the TRS I am also staying at Level 2. Great job, Fiverr.

You are a JOKE.


I’ve had the old “After reviewing your profile and Gigs, we’ve decided you will remain at a Level Two status for the time being” too.

I’m a touch confused. I assumed that if I had green ticks in all the necessary sections, which I have, I would be promoted. I’ve spent 5 years at level 2, so I feel it’s pretty much time, to be fair :frowning:


That’s a good point! Didn’t even think of it that way.


Congratulation :balloon: :tada:

:star: :trophy: @markusvoice :trophy::star:

A well deserved TRS selection. GoodLuck in keeping up the title & making more sells. :v:


How about we calm down a bit? A lot of people we’rent gonna get promoted. Let’s not be salty, ok?


We’ve tried several times to prepare people who thought all that took was green metrics across the board but alas the hype train was too strong this time around.

TRS selection is manual and there are a lot of things taken into consideration. The KPIs are only one part of it.






I also got the same “you didn’t level up” email, which is fine. I’m just hoping not to get this demotivating letter on a monthly basis.


Same here. :slight_smile: Its def a goal of mine to be TRS someday, just need to keep pushing forward. :man_cartwheeling:


I’m the best vendor in my category
I’m the one who sold the most gigs
5 stars over the year, never delivered 1 order late
3 cancellations for almost 900 orders
and All green.

But I stay leved 2 while another artist in the same category as me
with less orders, 4.8 stars got the top rated
why ? because He sells some other services in other categories. It’s a good job of course but in my category, even if I’m better than him, he’s Top rated and I’m level 2
That will make me loose sales for sure, it’s totally unfair


I hate to sound pessimistic here but now is not the time to be striving for a TRS badge. Now is the time to be diversifying off-Fiverr, faster and more intensely than ever.

Fiverr wants all sellers to continuously deliver a higher volume and higher-quality of work no matter what. Now, I’m sorry but just being a level 2 seller and trying to do that on Fiverr made me physically ill last year.

You need a break but you don’t take one because of the effects of vacation mode etc. You have a nightmare buyer whom you do everything to appease anyway because you know from experience that a bad review or cancellation will impact your workflow.

Worst of all, because Fiverr is so time intensive, you look back during epic low sale periods and wish that you had spent more time developing yourself off-Fiverr. - Especially when Fiverr ambassadors start tutting with lines like, “Fiverr has no obligation to give sellers work and no one should reasonably consider Fiverr their full-time job.”

There is absolutely no way that you, I, or anyone will not fall back a level at some point and in time, that stress is only going to intensify.

Diversify and start running Fiverr in a mental sandbox which you are in full control of. - Or now work harder, faster, and more exclusively for Fiverr, in the hope that you won’t get kicked to the curb one day anyway. - In short. take two teaspoons of cold hard reality before bedtime and you’ll be fine.


Didn’t get it either.
Still, getting the REJECTED TRS notification has turned yesterday’s self-righteous and lecturing level 2 seller into a more complete person with a greater appreciation for empathizing with those who have experienced disappointment. Anyway, here is some Alanis “The Scream” Morissette for those who need help swallowing the jagged little pill.

What it all comes down to my dear friends, is that everything is just fine, fine, fine.