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TRS Evaluation Results


I hate to sound pessimistic here but now is not the time to be striving for a TRS badge. Now is the time to be diversifying off-Fiverr, faster and more intensely than ever.

Fiverr wants all sellers to continuously deliver a higher volume and higher-quality of work no matter what. Now, I’m sorry but just being a level 2 seller and trying to do that on Fiverr made me physically ill last year.

You need a break but you don’t take one because of the effects of vacation mode etc. You have a nightmare buyer whom you do everything to appease anyway because you know from experience that a bad review or cancellation will impact your workflow.

Worst of all, because Fiverr is so time intensive, you look back during epic low sale periods and wish that you had spent more time developing yourself off-Fiverr. - Especially when Fiverr ambassadors start tutting with lines like, “Fiverr has no obligation to give sellers work and no one should reasonably consider Fiverr their full-time job.”

There is absolutely no way that you, I, or anyone will not fall back a level at some point and in time, that stress is only going to intensify.

Diversify and start running Fiverr in a mental sandbox which you are in full control of. - Or now work harder, faster, and more exclusively for Fiverr, in the hope that you won’t get kicked to the curb one day anyway. - In short. take two teaspoons of cold hard reality before bedtime and you’ll be fine.


Didn’t get it either.
Still, getting the REJECTED TRS notification has turned yesterday’s self-righteous and lecturing level 2 seller into a more complete person with a greater appreciation for empathizing with those who have experienced disappointment. Anyway, here is some Alanis “The Scream” Morissette for those who need help swallowing the jagged little pill.

What it all comes down to my dear friends, is that everything is just fine, fine, fine.


I got exactly the same message 2 hours ago, we need to keep pushing till Feb 15th :smiley:


Alanis has a message for you:

:musical_note: We all had our reasons to be there,
We all had our minds made up for us,
We had to believe in something,
So we did :musical_note:


^^^That’s too deep for me. :confused: And maybe too deep for this.

I’m someone who thought for two years at least before it happened that I should be TRS but never let it bother me too much. If you are doing your best and it hasn’t happened yet don’t let it get to you.


First, you aren’t being pessimistic you’re being realistic.

Ahan, my breaking back and a failing kidney can relate to this.

Already doing it, I got 3 long term clients off-site and my own niche site in the works. Just have to convince my kidney and back to put in more effort than they already are.

I just want to maintain the current status quo for a month or two more. Hopefully, in that time someone else in my family would get a damn job so I can have some me time already.

All in all, when I look back on the past year I genuinely believe that getting an actual job would have been better in every way…except the pay.

The only thing that’s keeping me going at this point are bills. The drive I had and the satisfaction that came from freelancing have been dead for a while now. I might sound cynical but the only thing that makes me feel even slightly better about the position I’m in is the hordes “help me make sell” people.


Yeah, I am being a bit tongue in cheek about it tbh - I knew I wouldnt get it, just getting a notification is not nice. I have more than enough work to keep me going.
I actually don’t get enough time to really do other off-fiverr stuff that I want to similar to what Andy said above. While I don’t want to back away from Fiverr as such, I do think there are other ways I could get better money for my time.


Exactly something a TRS would say :3
Let’s be honest you deserve it though


I just try not to worry about things I have no control over anyway. This is one of those things. All you can do is your best and hope you make it, but even if you don’t, you keep on doing your best. No reason to drive yourself crazy over it.


So had there like only been one TRS promotion?


I think there were a few but even more TRS demotions. There were about four demotions of them in my category.


There’s a major decline in TRS and level 2 sellers in my categories.


“Thank you disillusionment?” or “I couldn’t help it, it’s all your fault?”

Alanis got me through some tough times… But then so did Tori… And Dolores O’Riordan (RIP :frowning: )


This is a very “stoic” quote - I like it - good advice for life…


Same here, but the e mail they sent us was really helpful : )


There have been promotions to TRS in my category too. I see providers who joined recently, have fewer orders and gigs, less completed projects, less feedback,…basically a lot less then I have, but they have been promoted and yet I am the one who needs to work on my profile, providing better service and so on :smiley:

I’ve been on Fiverr from 2011 so it is quite funny when someone is offering the same service as I do, yet they joined 2017 and get TRS while I don’t.

That is Fiverr, they are miles away from other online platforms who have everything regulated based on someone’s performance as opposing to someone’s personal preference.

Again, my house (fiverr), my rules (fiverr)…if you don’t like you know where the exit is :smiley:


I got the same notification like you, remaining in Level 2 for time being, but i feel normal about that because i had no hope of being a TRS after nearly 4 years working on Fiverr
Manual selection is something we can’t imagine as sometime it’s just Fiverr like your gig or not. If the person who review your account like your work so you could be a TRS after a night, but if he didn’t, dream about it :slight_smile:


meh… same here.
Also the same auto-email.

Anyway, somehow I was expecing that I’ll stay at lvl 2.

I’m co curious how many lvl-2 accounts have been promoted :roll_eyes: and where’s the difference between me and them.