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TRS / Fiverr Pro Outsourcing and the Potential for Buyer Backlash

Well said and completely accurate, @humanissocial! This practice should be stopped by Fiverr!


If a video maker buys a voice- over the buyer of the video is under no illusion that the video maker has outsourced this.
The problem is for me is when they claim it as there own. Using the samples and creating a gig as if it was there own work. This absolutely should be stamped out. It’s not hard to identify with audio.

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Even if that’s allowed, which I doubt for the reasons I stated (like confidentiality. You’re handing off the work to someone else), you are still morally and legally obligated to disclose that you aren’t actually doing the work.


Thank you! It really should. What’s the point in vetting people for Fiverr Pro if they’re not even doing the work?! It’s so deceptive.

Buyers purchase from Fiverr Pro BECAUSE it is vetted. The whole reason it exists is to create accountability.

"Who are the Sellers labeled as Pro?
Freelancers that are eligible to open a Fiverr Pro Gig have gone through a vetting process conducted by our team of experts. We have verified that they are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries.

Fiverr Pro offers you access to hand-vetted, high-quality talent at a relatively affordable rate. You can now collaborate with verified professionals, that come with excellent credentials and extensive experience."

What this seller is offering doesn’t comply with this.

So how is this seller being vetted? Is she submitting others’ work for vetting? Hmm! In any case, it’s deceptive and misleading to sellers.


I’ve just contacted the person I interact with at Fiverr PRO, to ask that they read this forum thread, and let me know if Fiverr is aware of this practice, and if they have any plans to address outsourcing without the buyer being aware. I’ll let you know what I hear.

Exactly, @humanissocial. I think long term, this whole secret outsourcing practice could undermine the whole concept of the Fiverr Pro program.


This is my point exactly.


These type of TRS sellers should be banned, this is bringing up a bad name for the community


Exactly! Fiverr sellers have a bad enough reputation as it is, I’ve found.

The internet is full of articles saying to not use Fiverr because of sketchy seller practices. We don’t need to add more fuel to the fire. Thanks, @danno1950, please do.

Glad you get it, @cyaxrex. It’s really unfortunate to have to explain basic business ethics, that some sellers are willing to deceive if they can get away with it…


Isn’t that sort of what Fiverr Studio(s) is (ability to work on a project as a team)?

from the TOS:

  • A Fiverr Studio allows certain Sellers to collaborate with each other and offer Buyers a multi-service Gig (a “Studio Gig”).

While you are absolutely right (technically speaking), that is, however, not really the focus of this thread. :slight_smile: This thread talks about sellers offering the same services working on one project as opposed to sellers offering different services working together on one project (Fiverr Studio).

The Fiverr studio option (from what I understand) is only for sellers offering different services (in different categories/sub-categories) to come together. The Fiverr studio feature is not about getting 5 logo designers or 5 proofreaders to work on one project (which is kinda what this thread is talking about, i.e. sellers offering the same service coming together vetted sellers outsourcing their work to other non-vetted sellers who are offering the exact same service).

I agree… vetted sellers shouldn’t be allowed to outsource to non-vetted sellers. I don’t think they should even be allowed to outsource to other vetted sellers (which is probably never going to happen anyway) as there is a reason why your buyer chose you over them (probably because your style/approach is closer to the buyer’s needs/requirements).


I’ve never considered Pro Sellers anything more than a marketing tool for Fiverr. I’ve had multiple clients in the past few months that seemed underwhelmed by some Pro sellers (or the sellers they outsourced their work to) so I’m gonna chalk this up as a win for us lowly “regular” sellers.

For all I care, I hope they stick to whatever they’re doing because sooner or later the people they’re conning will catch on and I’ll be there to make the most of it.


You need permission for that and it isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about Fiverr Pro Sellers selling the work as if they are doing it themselves, but really it is outsourced.

That’s deception and deception isn’t allowed (thank goodness).

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Outsourcing is allowed, although I wouldn’t like to purchase something that was outsourced. Sellers should mention they do that. And if someone hires a Pro seller in particular they are paying for that seller’s expertise.


That is probably less than 10% of all sales on fiverr. You hear about the unhappy ones, not the happy ones.

Maybe Fiverr should have a standard section in each gig (it could be for Fiverr Pros and maybe for all) that was for specifying whether anything in the gig would/could be outsourced and if so, what parts.


Well, while that may be true, that doesn’t mean we can just ignore that 10%. It would be great if that 10% were further reduced (if possible), and anything more that can be done to reduce that % needs to be done. :slight_smile:

What do you suggest doing about the unhappy 10%? Probably half of those are the ones who tried to get something free and were thwarted.

The rest are probably people who tried to be sellers with more than one account and got caught.

Who else is going to be so angry and bitter they go around writing bad things about fiverr? I mean really, who would have time to do that unless they had a problem to begin with?

The bulk of complaints we see on the forum are from sellers who had to give a refund so it’s not like fiverr doesn’t help and accomodate people who complain.

In this particular example that @humanissocial pointed out , this 10% is because of sketchy seller practices (as has already been pointed out by humanissocial).

So, preventing vetted sellers from outsourcing their work to non-vetted sellers (as has already been suggested and supported by several forum users in this thread) might be a good idea to reduce the number of people engaging in said sketchy practices.

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Fiverr doesn’t hesitate to give a refund when one is necessary.
I do notice Pro sellers with bad reviews but who knows what the story was behind them.

I don’t know how that can be policed unless fiverr checks every single thing any Pro seller does somehow. They won’t do that. How do you check every delivery and compare it to what they bought? And how do you even know a buyer objects? Do you tell him “Sorry to tell you this bad news but what you got and loved so much was outsourced.” Are you going to send letters like that to buyers?

I would think the creativity that set up the Fiverr program could be employed to use AI or similar technology to put in some type of check and balances to alert for suspicious behavior - if avoiding diminishing credibility of the Fiverr Pro program is important enough to Fiverr. Do I have high expectations for that happening, @misscrystal? :slight_smile: No, not really! Which is unfortunate.