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TRS / Fiverr Pro Outsourcing and the Potential for Buyer Backlash

Yes. However, as you can make out from the # of negative reviews some of these pro sellers have, it is evident that buyers would rather forgo the 100+ dollars they spent on the order (so that they can post a review) than get a refund, which you have already pointed out is very easy to obtain. This also highlights these buyers’ professionalism (as they believe it would be a disservice to the other buyers if they didn’t forewarn them).

Buyers who purchase from these vetted sellers EXPECT products/services that are of impeccable quality (and rightfully so). They do not deserve a product that was even partially designed/created with the help of some other non-vetted seller. If the buyer wanted something that was created (even partially) by a non-vetted seller, they wouldn’t have decided to purchase from a vetted seller.

Since all pro sellers were already “thoroughly vetted” in their areas of expertise, I think it is safe to say that they are capable of delivering products/services of impeccable quality (without needing any one else’s help). This is assuming pro-sellers do not agree to work on orders that are outside their comfort zone. So, the only way for them to receive an extremely critical or negative 1-star review would be if the product they delivered was not 100% designed/created by them. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the extremely critical and negative reviews (1-star reviews) are a result of outsourcing part/all of their work to other sellers.


It could be policed very easily. If you are a TRS or Pro seller, you would be only allowed a selling account. It would, therefore, be impossible to make purchases with your Fiverr credit like it is already impossible to use Fiverr credit / the normal Fiverr payment gateway to pay for Learn courses. The only way to get around this would be to open a 2nd account which is against TOS. This would hopefully make outsourcing too risky.

Of course, that can be seen as trying to kill a fly with a hand grenade. There are, after all, credible reasons to outsource certain parts of certain orders.

The thing is, there is a very big difference between a regular seller outsourcing something like the VO component of a video, and some sellers outsourcing complete projects on a daily basis as part of how they do business.

Usually when I come across a Pro or TRS seller outsourcing, they aren’t offering something like a video and outsourcing the VO component. They list something like a graphic design gig, then (as seems to be the case) outsource entire orders to other sellers. In most cases, they also seem to outsource to the lowest priced sellers possible.

Of course, even if you ban TRS and Pro sellers from buying on Fiverr, they could outsource to other sites. However, (for the most part) there isn’t another site like Fiverr where you can hope to buy anything credible for $5 - $10.


First know that I am a newbie on Fiverr, but I have a lot of experience in the business world. I am not saying any of your concerns or comments are not valid or correct. My point is, outsourcing happens all over. And the customer never knows.

Promotional items. 90% plus are outsourced. Chances are the client will never know, UNLESS there is a problem. And that happens often.
Printing services from a local vendor. Often times a customers needs don’t fit perfectly with the vendor and they will outsource, sometimes well over state lines. Why is that important? They are not only relying on the outsourced vendor to do the job correctly, they also need to rely on timely shipping.
Advertising agencies. These folks are notorious for outsourcing problems, mainly hitting time frames and sticking to the agreed scope of the job.
Automotive mechanic. They can’t do everything a car needs and often will not let the client know that another shop did repair work on their vehicle. Kind of important to know if you have items in your vehicle you wouldn’t want a stranger to have access to.

You get the idea. I understand we are not talking apples to apples, but thought I would give you a different perspective.

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But in the situations you mentioned, it seems like the ethics of the outsourcing is questionable, and that seems like a similarity to the current discussion.

I’m not sure if “it happens a lot” is a very solid justification for the practice.


No, I didn’t meant to give justification for the practice. Just stating that it is very common and will continue to be so with companies having to watch their overhead closer and closer.
That said when warranted, ask anytime you spend money with someone if they outsource.

Sorry, I didn’t intend to imply you justified the practice. :grinning: You were just pointing out how widespread it is. Yes, unfortunately, it is all too common. It’s just that Fiverr has invested a lot in upgrading their service, and now it is being undermined.

When a company started with gigs like “I’ll wear a silly costume and hold up a banner showing your company name for $5,” I would think maintaining the credibility of their upgraded service would be very important.


Outsourcing does happen all over. However, not in the way being discussed here. If you are a print shop, you do not outsource design to a random person online for the cheapest price possible. Neither does an advertiser outsource some or all of an ad campaign to an unverifiable third party company or individual.

They know, that things like a plagiarized copy or use of copyright infringing designs could sink their business. This is why the vast majority of reputable brands avoid Fiverr and similar freelance jobs portals.

To make Fiverr more appealing and leverage trust among bigger, more reputable brands, Fiverr created Fiverr Pro. Pro sellers are vetted. They charge industry going rates (and sometimes a lot more) for services real ad companies, printers, businesses, etc, can be ensured are 100% free from copyright infringement and similar problems.

When a Pro seller outsources, they undermine the very concept of Pro. This is especially true when Pro sellers charge $100+ for services which they outsource to the very $5 - $10 budget sellers, whom are traditionally the highest risk to work with on Fiverr when it comes to things like copyright infringing media.

It is basically a trust time bomb.


That is the essence of the whole issue, very elegantly stated!

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Pretty much but that only means Fiverr doesn’t have to and probably won’t do anything about it till the very end. Unless there’s some sort of big incident it’s certainly not being changed especially after the IPO since it’s even more important for Fiverr to maintain a better public image.

That’s just how things are when it comes to giant corporations.


Believe it or not, yes the print company does outsource design if the in house staff is unable to accomplish the required design. The print company will own the rights to the design in perpetuity so there is no issue there. I used to work for one.

I agree that Fiverr is a different animal and because of this, it could really water down the idea of dealing with a Pro.

Again, I was just trying to share a broader picture than just inside Fiverr. I agree with your concerns as I am a new seller.

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I think there is a famous Pro seller here who says in his gig that his logos are done by someone in his studio, it was a while ago that I saw it but as I recall he is up front about that. That isn’t really outsourcing nor is it deceptive. But sellers could say something like that in their gigs if they outsource.

I would like to see a Pro seller’s gig where you see the actual buyer review that indicates they outsource.

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I’m not arguing against the fact. I used to work with a print shop regularly. I’m saying that is would be very rare for a reputable print shop (or a similar company) to work with a budget freelancer on a platform like Fiverr.

They may use Fiverr to hire a Pro, but this is because Pros are supposedly vetted.

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I don’t outsource help for the work I do as a TRS. I have had to raise prices and pause old gigs because I can only take so many orders.

If I outsourced and delivered more orders, in a way that maintained my ratings, Fiverr would probably favor the higher sales.

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I haven’t thought about it…Can prosellers loose the prosellerness by having low stats?

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I don’t think so but not sure. I wonder if he charged that much on the one he didn’t deliver on time. I would make sure I got it delivered on time for that much.

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No, but if there is proof of outsourcing (conversation), this can be sent in a report against a seller. It may not prevent these sellers from getting Pro status, but with reporting they could at least be taken down.

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No one is opposed to outsourcing and we understand its importance in business. The problem is that in the case of Fiverr Pro, it is deception and undermines the reasons why Fiverr Pro exists and why people use it.


Outsourcing is acceptable because the seller will revise work that hasn’t been done properly.

Think of a creative director. The creative director tells the copywriter to write a TV commercial, the copywriter does his duty, then the creative director either accepts the work as is or demands revisions. The creative director seeks the most perfect work possible because he puts his reputation on the line when he presents that work to the client.

I for one don’t outsource my work because I’m not charging enough, and I hate waiting for other people to get done. I also enjoy doing my work so the idea of outsourcing it makes no sense to me.

However, I wonder if I’m wrong? There are times I have gotten orders from topics I didn’t like. Wouldn’t I have been better off out outsourcing those orders? Wouldn’t that have resulted in better reviews and happier clients?

In the end, each of us does work as we see fit. As long as you don’t violate TOS, I don’t think Fiverr cares if you hire other sellers to do your work. That’s more money for Fiverr, so why would they oppose it?

Outsourcing to non-Pro sellers means more business for everyone. If a Pro seller wanted to hire me, I’d be honored.

Besides, when you pay $100, you’re paying for the reputation of the seller, reviews, the quality, portfolio, etc. It’s none of your business how the sauce is made.


It’s deceptive on Fiverr Pro and a breach of confidentiality. That isn’t okay. No justifying it.


Like has been said, it can be a trust issue. How does the Fiver Pro seller know exactly how each of the people they are outsourcing to are creating their work, where they are getting assets from (eg. just copying images found on the web?). What if there is a confidential project or it’s checking of an unpublished work and the seller outsources checking of it to 10 or more different unverified sellers? How do we know they’re not going to publish it or something? Or if they’re creating articles how does the Fiverr Pro know exactly how the articles are being created (could they be being copied/encoded)?