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Hello Respected Members,

I have been working on Fiverr since 2012 and now performing very well. 90% of my clients come back for more work and currently on Level 2. I have been getting nominated every month to TRS level but not getting promoted. Fiverr keeps telling me some points again and again which are cleared already. Gigs are very specific and point to point. I have no 1-2 stars on my profile mostly 5-star rating from the clients. I don’t know what parameter on my profile is wrong which is getting fiverr not to promote me to TRS level.

Can someone here help me in this situation?

Thank You


I know I’m a TRS but here’s my opinion - don’t worry about it. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, just continue what you’re doing.

Want to know the key difference between a TRS and other levels? - a 7-day clearance. I see no other difference. As long as you make your clients happy and do great work, there’s no need to focus on the attaining or not of a title. It’s just that a TITLE!

If I were to lose my TRS status, it’d suck to resort to a 14-day pending clearance but that’s all I’d be missing. Many clients don’t care if your a Level 0, 1, 2 or TRS… They really don’t care… as long as you do great work!

Focus on that.


I’m focusing on my work for sure but it’s keeps hurting that why they are not promoting me. I have seen other people having less reviews, multiple gigs in one category, low selling average and they are promoted. I’m seeking an answer WHY?

If I compare my profile with them I have better ratings and everything. Some people do say that TRS have more orders as compared to Level 1 and 2.

You have to be patient for everything. I’m not a TRS, but i see that you’re not much patient to be a TRS. Don’t think about getting your promotion. Just think about your good work and try to make it even better. eventually you will get promoted. As far as i know, getting TRS badge is not an easy like we do on L1 or L2.

And some people think that Level 1 is the best level because of the :one:

I agree with @emeraldawnn, do not perseverate on being promoted. It will only frustrate you. :confused:

Many people have been on the Forum to express this frustration. I do not think it is worth the worry it causes. :worried:


Completely agree on focusing on good work that’s what I have been doing since 2012 mate. The reason I’m trying to get some answers that other people are getting promoted with fewer reviews, order ratio and average selling points and they are working in the same category for around 1 year and they got promoted to TRS. They are offering the same thing in the same category that bothers me.

@vickiespencer I’m not frustrated. I’m asking my self what they are offering is the same then what is the thing that I’m not doing.

That’s the main question.

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You are very senior than me . I am just a level one seller.I think you should spend time on forum . I can see you do not come and read forum…You can try this “Be a regular member of forum”.May be this parameter you don’t have for that they are not promoting you.

Then just stop watching other sellers’ progress. That’s the only thing you can do since fiverr never reveals these criteria of choosing a TRS so probably no one here will know the answer to your question.

That’s why they just say like this :


"Once our team confirms your eligibility"

Yes, they will never reveal that information. I don’t know the reason behind this.

@jhakz1234 you have a point brother. I get too much busy in order and keeping up with the clients and in the end, don’t have time to spend on forums but will try my best to do it in the future.

I have seen few level two sellers who have been nominated more than 10 times for TRS but haven’t promoted when they have fulfilled all the requirements that fiverr sent them.For that I guess sellers need to be active on forum to promoted for TRS .And I have seen many top rated sellers are regular member in forum…So you can try to be active here on forum …Hope you will be promoted .

And advance Congratulation for being a TRS !

No you do not need to be active on the forum to become a TRS. I am the only TRS who comes here along with two or three others. I never came here one time when I was promoted to TRS.

Fiverr is aware of every seller and what they do, their analytics and sales and abilities. They choose very few level two sellers to become TRS. It is never automatic. They look for certain things which are a judgement of the editors as to which sellers should become Top Rated Sellers.


Indeed getting on forums is not mandatory because if you are busy in doing orders than you don’t have time to respond in forums.

I’m taking test on fiverr now.
8.8/10 in English
9/10 in WordPress

Now going for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Agree with your comment.