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TRS, Perfect Standards, Massive Sale Drop

Hi guys,

I do admit it’s been a long time since my last post :slightly_smiling_face:

But now I am back and wanted to check and see if any of you might also have a sudden sales drop.

Searching for my gigs I now see that even copycats rank higher than me and I suppose it has something to do with maybe a new search algorithm?

In any case I didn’t get any bad reviews or anything like that in fact my “standards” are impeccable


Maybe anyone can shed some light?

Thank you,


Towards the end of the year, companies usually tend to postpone to the next year some non-critical expenses.

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That is very true! Tks for joining the conversation.

The funny thing is that I searched for my gig in incognito and did not manage to find it in the results. Maybe it’s just me / my computer…


Your best selling Gig appears in the first page of the “Recommended” ones with the filters: Level = TRS and price = from $400.
I don’t see it among the Best Selling ones.

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Your prices are too high, it doesn’t matter if your stats are perfect, the market is obviously hiring others.

Right now, if I search “logo,” I find a guy selling for $50, and he has 14 Orders in Queue.

The quality of his work is pretty good. I would hire him if I needed a logo.

I don’t know why you’re calling them copycats. A copycat is when they copy your gig description word for word, however, you do not have exclusivity on minimalist logos and the other logos you do.

Also, talent can’t be copied, they either got it or they don’t, and I think they got it.


This has been a pretty hot topic for some time and as far as I know, no one has cracked the algorithm code. I think the most consistent answer is that it seems to change often and at times it makes no sense.

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That is the case. Any level we get, including TRS, doesn’t guarantee us sales. You might want to offer some discounts or promotions, or anything else that can increase the level of sales you have.

Waiting on algorithm to give us sales is never a good attitude. It’s your business after all. Market it properly. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t even thinking on waiting on the algorithm to give me sales or anything like that!

Just wanted to check and see if others had similar experiences and wanted to share mine, that’s all.

I think the two of us had this debate about prices a while back. Everyone is free to price their services at the amount that they think reflects the worth best. Ultimately it is clients who decide if the quality is worth the price and in my case I think that the reviews I have speak for themselves.

As for what I was referring to copycats are sellers who copy or simply use the exact same presentation images as I do (at a quick glance I saw 2-3 and if you want I can share their links with you). As for the text I had found in the past a lot of sellers who also copied my description word for word but didn’t do any recent check’s. To clarify on this subject I was not referring to the gig’s name or category.

Just between the two of us talent in this industry has more to do with paintings and the artistic nature and not something much more technical as logo’s.

In any case thank you for the reply, it’s been very enlightening!

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If you search the forum, the general consensus is something has drastically changed in September and it affected some categories (but not all).

Sales went down (in my estimation so far around 30%) and by the number of orders in queue you can tell it’s the case for most if not everyone. I have no explanation but hey, I now finally have time for yoga classes.


As far as I see, fiverr don’t seems to care much about a good and reliable ranking/placement system. They’ve been testing an algorithm, which sometimes seems to be noneffective (or they wouldn’t be doing this over 18+ months).

Unfortunately, in my opinion, fiverr is doing too much for those new sellers who complain of not having orders, but most of these sellers simply create a gig and wait orders to come (not even a single advertising). It just messed up with the reliability of placements, ranking.

with me, for example, I’ve been the overall best seller in vector tracing category. I’m still getting some good number of orders (due my regular clients), but days ago, my gig was the last placed gig, in the last page of best selling, while most of gigs, with just a couple of reviews were placed in front of mine (some even on top of first page).

It takes me to believe that it doesn’t matter how you perform at fiverr, they are just trying to find a way to do more profits. IT’s doesn’t matter if it affects the overall fiverr quality, but placing amateur and low rated gigs in front, of those who were doing better, isnt the solution.

Fiverr tends to place on top of search many expensive gigs, which is the most amateur strategy to do more profits, when placing a similar gig, beside this for the minimum price.

If fiverr wants to do more profits, they should consider the gigs which CAN “extract more” from an order, ALONG with this gig performance (which now seems to be useless). For example, leveraging the gigs which has the highest final sale (average sales price) ALONG with their performance and rating, instead the initial highest price (minimum offered by a gig) and forgetting it’s performance.

Mathematically speaking, a gig with 20 x $5 orders (all 5 stars) would be the same as a gig with 1 x $100 order (5 stars too).

Sometimes it seems to be a lazy algorithm script, trying to force buyers to order the highest gig, instead encouraging them to spend more than their budget.

A $5 budget buyer will always seeks for a $5 gig, but many times they are willing to spend more. Throwing a $50 gig in front of them wont simply convince them to spend more, will just make these buyers to spend more time searching for the right gig.

Me, particularly, convinced many $5 orders to become over $100 orders. I wasn’t cheating my clients, I just showed them why I had to charge more (due the extra time it would take me, and the finest quality it would become), while some sellers just accept this $5 offer.


Hi, stealing images is highly illegal and you should report offenders to CS.

I think logos are a mixture between artistry and technique. I don’t question your experience or your ability, I love your portfolio pieces, and I’m glad one of your gigs has two orders in queue.

But by charging $250 to $400, you are limiting yourself to firms and individuals with deep pockets, that’s not necessarily bad if that’s what you want, but if you want more sales, I don’t know how it cane happen with your prices. Maybe you’ll have to advertise your gigs on Facebook, although that can be a waste of money.

That goes against the very nature of Fiverr. Fiverr is a capitalist website, yes, they do pick who gets to be TRS, but search results are market driven, If the first page was full of gigs above $300, buyer would get frustrated and give up instead of going to page 2.

If Fiverr wants more profit, they should advertise and grow their market like everyone else. Favoring those who charge more doesn’t make sense.

Fiverr needs mass appeal, that’s why they need all kinds of prices, avoid divisive political issues, don’t get involved in elections, stop posting things on Facebook that are only related to the USA, and start recruiting more buyers and less sellers.

The doer campaign is cute, but that appeals to freelancers, not to the people who hire freelancers.

You can’t advertise for buyers for this site. You have to advertise for sellers and the buyers will come along.

by seeming to advertise for ambitious go-getter sellers you will find non buyers taking a look out of curiosity.

The main thing is to get the name recognized. Fiverr will be seen as a forward thinking young exciting site for freelancers. Just what buyers need and are looking for.

Exactly. That’s why I said IF THEY WANT TO DO MORE PROFITS. And this is what is happening.
The gigs used to be on top were those with best performance only. Now you see a bunch of gigs with low performance BUT on best places. A very common thing these gigs have are higher prices. They get good placements because the higher price, not because they are performing well.

Actually the idea I told about is how to make more profits from the ranking and search algorithm, not with expending in marketing and outside strategies.
There is nothing to do with favor one or other, but about the marketplace itself. It would encourage sellers to charge the proper prices, also would take in count the salesman factor to rank gigs.

Lets be honest, lets pretend there are 2 gigs (identical), initial price $5 for both, and 2 buyers demands identical requests, but one gig made $5 and other made $50 (maybe with extras or whatever). Both got the same 5 stars in the end. But who performed better in the end? of course the one who did $50 instead the one who did $5.
The $50 one, beside being a good worker, as the $5 one, is also a better salesman. But it should work the same with negative performance/ratings too.
I’m not talking about which is the most fair price, but the performance of the seller.

I must repeat, freelancers are not only workers, they are also business people, and it counts in the end

When an Iphone Case is being sold for $50 in a store, but the next door store it sells for $5. The most appealing is the lowest price. Which bringing to fiverr reality is an awful strategy, and guess what? they are doing this in their own store (offering the same case for $5 and $50, and any other price).

Then I repeat what I said above. What seller “in this store” has a better performance. The one who sold this case for $5 or the one who sold this for $50?

That’s the reason of the strategy I mentioned. The market itself would level the marketplace, accordingly it demands. That’s why, again, I insist that it’s not about the price of the gig offered, but about the financial performance of the gig (which is different) included on the ranking/algorithm calculation.

Now fiverr consider better performance who set a higher price, and not who cant rise the budget of a buyer. For me this is a really amateur strategy to sell the highest price possible.

The top of the ranking could be a $5 or a $500 or a $5000 gig. The demand would naturally rank it, which would also helps fiverr to do more profits and more satisfied buyers even when raising their budgets.

This is part of the strategy, to show that there are higher priced gigs now on fiverr. It might be a good enough reason to do it. It depends on what the objective that fiverr wants to accomplish is.

I know what you said, but look at it this way. If a car dealership decides to sell the most expensive cars for more profit, do you think they will get it? I don’t think so. I think car dealers analyze their market and choose accordingly. Fiverr is the same, they know their market isn’t just lawyers making $200,000 a year, but teachers, small business owners, accountants, middle managers, and all kinds of people with all kinds of needs. That’s why Fiverr can’t become Rodeo Drive, we just don’t have enough rich shoppers.

I agree, but I’m in business to get orders, not to sit around doing nothing because my prices are too high. That’s why even people who are TRS, don’t always have high prices. If I can get 10 orders at $10 instead of 1 at $50, I would rather make $80 instead of $40.

What Fiverr does well is price diversity, by showcasing all kinds of sellers, customers have all kinds of choices. It also allows the inexperienced and new to get valuable experience.

Also, Fiverr’s business model was based on $5. That’s what made them famous, why become became sellers and buyers in the first place. I get that things change, but they shouldn’t change to a point where Fiverr becomes unrecognizable.

If tomorrow Fiverr decides that the minimum price is $50, a lot of sellers will be hurt. It’s just like raising the minimum wage, instead of helping people, you end up getting them fired, employers become more demanding, prices go up, everyone loses.

A market-driven economy works better.

I agree your prices are too high.

I’m not so sure. I know Amazon has mostly upper middle class shoppers for example. Of course this is an international site but probably 70% of all sales are from USA. Most buyers aren’t rich but it might not be hard for them to spend $50 per purchase at least.

If you make 100 sales a month and only earn $400 for all those sales it doesn’t sound right unless you are fairly new to the site.

One buyer told me they only earn about $1000 a month but spend half their income on fiverr. You might be surprised to know how much people spend here.

Thank you very much for the great message! I

I can not agree more!