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TRS Requirements

Are these the requirements for becoming a Top Rated Seller? :grin: :grin: :smirk:

But I saw some TRS didn’t visit the forum at least a week. I confused. :no_mouth: How they became a community leader and a TRS? :cold_sweat: Who can explain the TRS requirements correctly? :blush: Thank you!

I believe there are several ways to fulfill the ‘community leadership’ part, not just forum participation.

Why bother about what other Fiverr users are doing or not doing?
The only person’s destiny you can control is your own! :slight_smile:

The explanation on the levels is correct - TRS sellers are hand picked by Fiverr.

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Who can explain the TRS requirements correctly?

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@offlinehelpers Thank you!

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You can ask your question to Fiverr Staff, the people who work for fiverr and decide whether you are going to get a TRS or not.

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Yep. Thank you. :blush:

There might be a lot of consideration behind choosing a top rated seller on Fiverr. Before making a seller a top rated seller, Fiverr keep their eyes on the seller’s activity. What the points you have mentioned above are some of the parts of being a top rated seller. There are more points to acquire. Fiverr knows better. And of course, they are hand picked by the Fiverr team.


Another thing that I have noticed, every TRS has a profile pic of himself :slight_smile:

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No. It’s not. :wink: I checked it. :blush:


Well, they are. However, Fiverr now limits the number of TRS per category. It is up to the community manager for each category to determine how many TRS they want.

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Ohhhh… :astonished: It’s unfair :grin: