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TRS Speaker for Official Fiverr Event in Lahore

Hello All the fiverr guys

Hopefully all of you doing well.

I’m Organizer of Fiverr Official community event in Lahore Pakistan and I Need Help.

I’m Looking for TRS Speakers for Panel Talk and QA session.

There is National Freelancing Convention 2017 1st time happening in Pakistan and in this event there is also Fiverr Official Community event slot

Also I’m Looking for 1 Super Seller on the Skype Call who have a great experience at fiverr and Inspire the audience.

Pakistani and all TRS here is my email ID ************* Please inbox so I can brief further about it

Mod note: Please do not post email addresses publicly.
Anyone responding to this should ensure they have written permission from Customer support before giving any details. I cannot verify whether this is valid but trust that TRS will check it out themselves if they are interested.

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Why not contact Aaliyaan…

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Thank You so much But Aaliyaan is already there

Bobby? Username wingle.

Sorry who is Bobby and can you help me to contact him?

When is this event taking place??

I’m pretty sure this event is not organized by Fiverr Official. If it is can you give me the link ? Any one can organise community event but not everyone can use the word “Official Fiverr”

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It was Official My freind

then there should be an announcement by any Fiverr official :slight_smile:

Yes there was a complete Announcement and Posted on Fiverr Community Event Forum and I’m Organizer.

Ok :slight_smile: I was interested to read that announcement. But for now I wish good luck on your event :slight_smile:

It was done yesterday.

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