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TRS with Featured Gig: $40 in sales in May

About two weeks about I went a solid 72 hours without a sale. I was FREAKING OUT! I contacted Fiverr Support and they told me they were looking into the matter. I then went a FULL WEEK without a sale. How? My star gig has been a mainstay of Fiverr for 5 years. I’ve yet to get a response from Support other than that they are still looking into the issue.

The truth is there is probably a major issue with the code. From the complaints here it would appear the search function is off. I just had one customer tell me that he tried ordering from me 5 times but only 1 went through.

There are some other things to consider. Maybe the site is in decline. Do we know their finances? There’s a chance Fiverr is going out of business. It’s a possibility.

To the rookies out there, you are so not alone. Fiverr is my only source of income (turns out the YouTube videos I make don’t appeal to stupid teenagers, so there’s no future there). Two years ago I made $7,000 on Fiverr. Last year I was down to $5,000. If this keeps up I might make $1,000 in 2015. The way things are right now, it feels like I’ve been fired but no one told me.

Me too

For a start- get rid of the thing about the revisions and modifications. I feel your pain on that issue (I hate doing free mods too) but you have to word that policy in a more friendly way if you don’t want buyers to think you’re an A-hole

Referring to this gig:

Reply to @sabiansoldier: I’ve had that portion in my gig description for years. It curbed the issue until a recent change at Fiverr encouraged buyers to reject work until they get their way.I refuse to think my massive decline in sales is in anyway my fault. It’s not like a rash of bad reviews took me off pages.

Do you see any change in your gig’s position in category search when sorted by rating? It seems to be at the very bottom of the results, so that could explain why people aren’t finding it. I’m suffering from the very same issue myself.

@vaughnonmovies I feel you bro as a Top Rated Seller I suffer the same issues. Once the new fiverr video player has been introduced my absolute best selling (and highest quaility) gigs about making unique short logo transitions (designed by me, not just stolen from videohive like 95% fiverr sellers do) got WIPED OUT of both the “Recommended” and “High Rating” section even they maintain high rating and quality standards in my category. The fiverr support is reacting really slow and this is going on by a month or so :/I am submitting the 2 or 3rd ticket about this because last time it for "forwarded’ to a super tech team which apparent’y doesn’t influence those ranking / order issues at all. Every possible stat is dropping

drop in sales everywhere, what a month!

my sales dropped significantly as well for last few weeks suddenly.Here’s my top performing gigs,can anyone check & let me know why is this happening-

Since I have been a member, I don’t think I ever seen so many TRS complain about sales. I believe your level is part of the formula for determining your search engine ranking and wonder if it is messed up. It is either that or over time the competition on Fiverr has even effected TRS sales. The more competition, the tougher the sales.

My gig is completely custom (music composition) and requires getting info from potential buyers before I can even quote. Because how can I set a price for a buyer who writes “I need some music for my YouTube”. When I want to respond to buyer requests, I’m limited to 220 characters and have to specify a price before hitting the send button. This is incredibly stupid and amateurish, since Fiverr is striving to raise the size of the average order. How does everyone else deal with this? Blaine Selkirk. PS: My business going down as well. Every time Fiverr introduces an “improvement” my business suffers.

Last week I went all week with 1 order & 0 messages (down from 1-2 a day with multiple messages in my box at least inquiring). Now as of last night, it’s like magic, boom I am back in business. I really think something HAD to have happened with search algorithms or something. It bothered me so much it prompted me to set up eCommerce on my own website because I was worried this is how it is going to be. I hope this doesn’t occur again because I lost a whole week of revenue.