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TRS'S CHRISTMAS VERSION for the clothesline gig!


Christmas edition!!!* So a few days ago I put up a new gig which is putting messages up on a mini

clothesline. Since I have seen so many people putting up Christmas gigs, I decided to do one too.

Basically my clothesline message is on a cork board background (or the blue sky), but I realized

it doesn’t look that festive, even with the colored paper.

So I decided to do a Christmas version of the clothesline.

What I am going to do is basically the same, but now have 2 colored backgrounds, red and green with

little stars on them.

I can also hang bells when you place the gig extra!

(If you prefer the cork board background, that can be done)

I’ll post a few photos to give a clear idea.

Start placing your orders now, an early start is always a good idea! :smiley:


Hi there, not spam but I have a whiteboard I use for studies, does anyone think It could be of use in the Christmas season, if so how?


Reply to @rooneyyenoor:

Sorry sir, wrong thread…I would see this as a spam.

The “tips” or “chit chat” would be a better place to ask questions.


Reply to @madmoo:

Unfortunately, I’ve seen only wooden pins in the mini size, but if I could

get colored ones or the gold/silver ones, I’d love to use them.

I guess I’ll be shopping around looking for them, thx!! :smiley: