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TRS's newest gig! Message on a mini clothesline!


So I do anime chibi drawings and translation stuff here at Fiverr, and I decided to add a

new gig. I’ll put your message up on a mini clothesline using mini laundry pins.

It would be great for gifts and promotions.

Please check it out here:

I wanted to hang them under the sun with the sky in the background, but it’s getting so

windy and cold in Tokyo…the cork board would have to do for now!

Feel free to check out my other gigs too.

You all have a nice day! :slight_smile:


yes, it’s up!!!

Thank you so much for your help!!

Too bad I couldn’t do it outside with the sunsky in the back though, maybe I should

take a photo of the sky, print it out, and pin it on the board! :stuck_out_tongue: