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TRS's *Updated* newest gig! Message on hearts!


So a few days ago, I posted my newest gig here at the forum:

I will write short messages on red cut-out hearts, place them with

an envelope, take a photo and send it to you.

It will be great for gifts/promotions.

With the gig extra, you can get extra props to make it look more fancy.

The hearts will be basically red, but it could be changed to pink or other colors

if you’d like.

*****Originally I had only the dark-blue pen, but this morning I found this

lighter blue crystal pen, so I thought I can go ahead and add this too.

So, when you place the order, you will have the choice of either the

dark blue slim pen

or the light blue crystal chubby pen.

Once Valentines is near, I might add a red pen, but for now I’ll keep the pens

blue so it won’t look too Valentines-ish.

Thx!!! :smiley: