Truly need better vacation/out of office tool. Please consider!


If there is one thing that fiverr REALLY needs to implement it is a good out of office, auto respond system for those times when we simply need to be away. We are humans with families and other responsibilities. There should be a way to have a small banner at the top that allows maybe 140 characters so you could post something like the following.

"Hi, I am enjoying the holidays and will be shutting the studio down on 12/23rd at noon. I will reopen on 12/26 at noon. I will return your message then. Thanks.

This should also have an autoresponder that send the same message to anyone who messages you and allows you to not answer messages for that time. Then you don’t have to worry about religious holidays or answering messages while in the hospital with your granny.

Could be simple, just the message with a start/stop time and nothing more.

Honestly, this is a professional touch that almost any business would have, so it would be a real nice touch for fiverr.

I need Christmas off. Dare I pause?

Excellent idea! :purple_heart: :clap:


i love your idea and would love to get this feature too


Improves buyer experience as well.


I would love to have this feature as well. Thanks for posting :+1:


Love this.

I used to edit my gig and include notes regarding any schedule changes until I realized my gig magically disappeared.

So yes, some kind of general communication would be nice.


If they wanted to get really fancy, they could allow you to enter a day offset, so let’s say 3 days is normal delivery, it could allow you to still accept orders, but add the stated offset to the start time.

“This order will start when the seller reopens on 12/26, so plan on extra time for delivery.”

All simple stuff to program and allow some flexibility.

Or just keep it simple. This change benefits buyers, like a regular who wants to place the order and go on holiday themselves.

I’ll bet a good brainstorming session on the features would create some great ideas.


fiverr should seriously consider hiring you to join the UX team.


Your idea is amazing🙌🏽. It will definitely set Fiverr apart from its competitors that is if they choose to implement it.


This is really needed as there are a variety of things that require us to be away and that vacation imagery just sends the wrong message; especially when it was used during those hurricanes some months back. Maybe they should take a break from adding the flashy items and focus on items that are in dire need of attention.


I agree with this so much! I use vacation mode whenever I need a day or more off, so that at least my buyers can see one of three reasons (the ones Fiverr gives) that I’m unavailable, and they can still see that I have active gigs. I also tend to put a note in that little profile blurb, but that thing is on the other side and a bit down the page so I don’t know how many people actually see it. I wish there was something a bit more professional, and with better communication, like you’re suggesting. Please, Fiverr!


Excellent Idea! Maybe they will do this.