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Trust and Safety randomly flag messages and offers as TOS violation for no reason

Lately few of my clients whose messages was flagged for no reason, and now I also experience that my custom offer, which had zero TOS violation was flagged by Trust and Safety. Does anyone experience any similar?

Well, Fiverr doesn’t flag stuff randomly, so you most likely said something that they thought is against the rules. Contact them and see what they say, what you did wrong.

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What did you say or ask them?

This was the message: “If you’d like to make another box set, I give a discount for both. Here is the offer for the (3 spanish book title was here) set.”

Please tell me what did I say in this sentence which set the TOS violation?

It’s a question to CS, not to forum users. Something has triggered the warning.

Could even be that Spanish book’s title had words in it that are similar to no-no trigger words in English.


Was that sentence in response to some buyer asking you or did you send that randomly to someone? I’m trying to figure it out but without any context of how it was sent or when it’s not possible.

The client requested an offer and I sent it. That’s all. There wasn’t any violation. But some of my clients also experienced this lately that they requested a revision, than the revision request was flagged by Trust and Safety for reason.

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I’ve had a bunch of messages all go directly to spam recently. There was zero reason why any of them should have. Now, I’m making sure to check my spam folder regularly.

Has this buyer been easy to deal with? Also, did this buyer explicitly ask you to create another box set? Or were you just offering and sent a custom offer at the same time?

Edit: Ignore that, I see you have already clarified this.

This sounds like a bug and a bad one at that. I hope you get it straightened out. Please give us an update if/when you get it, thanks.

You need to contact the customer service representatives