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Trust and the country of origin


Trust and the country of origin

I personally have chosen gigs that originate from my home country, I also buy gigs from outside the country.

However, Many times I read gigs that state the provider is in “the USA” when clearly from the writing on the ad, the seller is foreign ( there is a big difference in writing style from a foreign American and someone in another country)

does Fiverr not check the sellers out? IPs? etc?

I do business with those I trust, regardless of the country, as long as I believe you are in the country you say you are!


…or is using a proxy server to sign up. It’s a common problem as being seen as coming from one the G8 Countries Like the UK, USA or Canada lends more credibility. It’s not cool. If you believe the seller is from elsewhere you should always report it to customer support.