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Trust between buyer and seller


I think trust between buyer and seller is an important thing. But before making sure any order , we need to give a clear direction of our job. I think that helps for all sellers here.

Sometimes we write everything in gig description still people ignore it and make an order. That lastly turns to a devastating situation.

Also sometimes , We seller offer something , that we never able to give.

So we both buyer and seller have to be careful when order or when wish to get product.

The right way I think , seller never put anything what actually they never know , Buyer never ask anything that actually he/she knows never get that price.

Make fiverr a great marketplace by growing trust and business relationship more.

Ashik Mahmud
Level-2 Seller


I always try to talk clearly, with confidence and conviction to my Clients. Once I explain the process or the outcome to them then, it will put their mind at ease and realize that I know what I am talking about.

Before making a custom offer, I always provide the Buyer with a very simple summary; for example;

Dear Mahmud685,

I am very pleased to hear that you are looking to proceed with this project. To summarize your desired outcome;

  1. Logo - You would like your Logo Redesigned.
  2. Website - You have told me to review your website and provide a full Summary.
  3. SEO - You would like me to review your website’s SEO; as to ensure they are optimal.

Please confirm this as to proceed and I will be more than happy to send your custom offer.

Kind regards,


Great, that’s the right way I think…


I wouldnot call it trust, i will refer to it as COMMUNICATION GAP. both buyers and sellers need to clarify that they have understood everything about the job and the instructions etc. or else it is a chaos!!

Irony is, when buyers actually think that sellers has understood everything in their mind without any written instructions!!! i hate that!!!

Most of times, when i ask questions the buyer gets irritated and leave because he/she donot know the answers :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean how will you accept a buyer to provide when you donot know what you want!!! eventually, this results into a bad review.


Thank you to show your point of you. Communication is a option which helps increasing the trust between buyer and seller :wink:

You miss that point @interpretivist. But at last your last sentence show the same sense this post has, bad reviews only come when a buyer lost his trust on seller :slight_smile:


Not really… sometimes buyers are too picky


Thanks for great suggestion.


Stop asking difficult questions, maybe? :slight_smile:


hahaha… i will and i can if their was too easy to understand why will i bother asking questions in the first place :joy: