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Trust issue by buyer

No buyer is trusting me after having a 1 star review!!
Which was also by not my fault!!!
Buyer didn’t saw the rest 12 positive rating but believing the only fake review and not trusting my work. I assured buyer saying “Refund” still can’t believe me!
Why people are so cruel?

A buyer actually told you they didn’t want to work with you because of your 1* review?

Yep, bad reviews suck!!

Have your impressions changed? Fewer buyers might be seeing your gig, as sometimes gigs go lower in the rankings after receiving a bad review.

Yes, buyer indicated that review.
And my gigs are in the last position in search results and impression dropped so much. How can I get back my position?
This really sucks😔

Why would someone bother messaging you to begin with if they had no intention of ordering from you?

Seems like very strange behaviour. I wouldn’t view them as a legitimate potential buyer.

Many buyer messaged me saying they will place order in a few days after asking everything about my service. There few days never come!

I highly doubt they decide not to go with you based on your reviews.

What’s probably happening is they’re messaging multiple sellers, and just find someone that better fits their requirements. I get it a lot with resellers.

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There are 12 positive reviews! None should judge anyone by just one negative review!

Yup maybe!