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Trust Level Promotion

I have just been promoted to Trust Level:BASIC.
I read some special features of it.
One said, “Now you can send any number of PMs”. Is this true?
Just before logging into my account I notification reading “UNSOLICITED MESSAGE ALERT” popped up.
I want to know should I send a message to anyone or not?
PS: I haven’t sent any message after being promoted to BASIC level



Basic level is talking about the forum, not the Fiverr main site.
Sending Messages to other people should be done carefully. Your Messages can be flagged if the person you send a message to did not want to receive it.

This should NOT be used to promote your services.


Any tips about “how to avoid spam messages?”

Are you asking how to avoid getting or receiving spam messages? :thinking:

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Actually both.
I want to know about restrictions.

Don’t send messages to people offering your services. That’s not what the forum is for and will get you banned if you do it on the main site.

If someone sends spam on Fiverr, report it. If they send some on he forum, flag it.