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Trust Ya Gut Hear


Good day to all!

So to start, a return buyer who’ve placed some eight orders with me in the past, comes to me to have a quick edit done. Nothing major, merge some clips together, add some music, quite fine. Stated that, I just had to quickly put it together, all elements will be sent to me.

All seemed well, so I stated my price, very minimal, nothing much at all. The buyer shoots it down, and requests to have it done for $5.00 less, nothing much but as the job was so quick, and I stated $15.00, then heck, why not $10.00 it is.

The buyer placed the order and I noticed the music was missing, I sent a message stating the music was missing, no response. So I delivered what I promised. In less than 15 seconds, a revision was requested, the buyer stated “Sorry, music was a part of the deal” (notice this song, is one you have to buy to use right). So I’m perplexed now and knew something felt off about this.

So I politely screen-shot the information, the buyer disappears. So guess what, a cancellation has to happen because I’m not dealing with this foolishness this late in the year, and thanks to the new “regulations”, I’m going to take a hit for something, I felt off sending in the first place. Only me to blame, I am sure, but geez.



Let me just say that it’s awesome to see the other Barbadian Fiverr seller posting here.

I’m sorry about your experience.

Trust your gut from now on, yuh hear?


Indeed, not many of us are on this platform. All the best to you and indeed!


You do not have to cancel! You have delivered the agreed upon work. Take the hit of a poor review and state in your review of the buyer that they asked for a discount and then requested that you pay for the license to use a specific non-free stock music track.

You need to prioritize cancelations, not give into them out freely.


Not particularly, I choose my battles carefully, a cancellation hit with my current ratio is something I can easily recover from by Jan, I just hate the fact that such things happen, negative reviews are forever on the other hand and forever impact on your score. Therefore for something so small as $8.00 would be a no no for me in terms of a negative review.


Cancellations reduce new order volumes. Fewer orders after Jan could subsequently see the impact of this cancellation make more lasting damage. Nothing resets after 60 days. If you get fewer orders as a result of a cancellation, your orders complete % will continue to fall, even if you do not cancel another order in a 60-day period.

Are you willing to risk that for $8?

Besides, once people realize that this kind of scumbaggery behavior gets results, they practice it over and over. - Either with you or with other sellers. Stand up for yourself and think long-term.


Exactly that is what I have done. All of the above has been taken under consideration and yes, cancellations reset after 60 days in terms of impact.

It is not a matter of doing something shady and getting the result you want, I know in your case from reading your own forum comments how you view this matter, and that’s quite fine no problem. However, to imply that one is not standing up for oneself when the situation is double edged, is a bit… out there.

A negative review as I imagine, has three impacts, if not more:

  • Fewer Orders
  • Wrongfully expressed ideas (which still do leave impressions on your buyer’s mind when viewing even if you reply correctly)
  • Drop in Gig Placement and more

A cancellation however has the same impact except no impression on a potentially new client’s mind, in terms of the review process it is not considered after 60 days (hence why your statistics rise), in addition, the volume of work ratio to the volume of cancellation ratio should also be taken into consideration which makes it minor vs a negative review.

My comment was not to dispute your view or anyone else’s view, it is just a quick expression given the circumstance, as it is, “a place to rant”. However, I appreciate your input.


friend, if you feel you are in the right, take it up with CS. I had a nasty experience recently with a buyer who was way in the wrong, expecting all of these paid services for $5 and Customer Service went with me, completed the order after I delivered only what he paid for, and then asked me if I wanted to cut off all communication with the buyer, as he had clearly broken the terms of service. They went back through all of our communication and found him to be at fault and said they would deal with him privately.

Cheers from the Western Caribbean coast in Cancun!


A cancellation causes a drop in impressions and orders. A negative review does not have this effect.


Yes it does actually again it all depends on ratios as well, I’ve seen my views and impressions gone up even after cancellations, I’ve seen others receive less orders after negative reviews, it’s not a black and white system, but it all depends on ratios which is why everything is run by a percentage. Vacation Mode is the only thing I’ve encountered so far that totally messes with everything entirely and takes a lot of time to recover from. However, I do appreciate your response.


This is also not advisable.

Yes, it even goes down with/without cancelation.

Yea that’s right. Even someone like @misscrystal won’t order from you for that bad review.
As for me, a cancellation might seem better, but reach out to the CS first.


I got a couple of bad reviews this year but it had zero effect on my sales.
(The one who left the false bad review has been banned. :wink: )

But a cancellation does have an effect.


You are a TRS, he is a L2S, there is a difference.

About the cancellation, I am not in full support that was why I used might and also told him to contact CS


That’s the speciality, you TRS are given a vip CS. You can’t expect his own to be the same.


The entire review was a lie by a disturbed individual. The review is still there. But she has mysteriously vanished into thin air. :slight_smile:


I second this. I get sales keep on rolling in after bad reviews, despite me purposefully coming across as the devil incarnate in review responses. The minute, however, that I agree to cancel an order for any reason, orders fall off the edge of the world and take months to recover. This is why I now tell buyers that if they don’t like my work, they are free to say so in their review.


I was just starting to recover from the last one when someone ordered twice by mistake and cancelled and orders crashed again.


I am also in support cos I had a 3.7star review due to late delivery but got an order from another buyer the next day.


It’s really about ratios, if you get 50 orders a month and 10 are cancelled that’s a 20% cancellation ratio. If you however get 100 orders and 10 are cancelled that’s a 10% cancellation ratio. Therefore those 10 cancellations will affect persons differently, this is the case I’m referring to.

It also takes 24 hours or so before these take effect in the system as it is indexed. So receiving an order soon after isn’t going to be accurate. However, over the next two-three days is where you should be looking, in many of my cases, orders have fluctuated as they normally do, some days many orders, some days not so many. Just last month alone, I had to do 13 mutual cancellations [ordered by mistake, didn’t have the correct materials nor wanted to wait to get them, wanted more for what the gig offered but didn’t want to upgrade] (keep in mind I’m speaking about MCs) and my % is still above 96% due to order influx.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen many of my competitors, good people with good work, take negative reviews over and over and their order influx is much lower now, it’s really all about balancing negative review vs cancellation, knowing when to and when not to, neither one over the next.

I’m neither advocating for nor against, all I’m saying is, weigh the consequences of each and how it will affect you at that time.