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Trust your gut, sellers!

If a potential buyer seems to be more trouble than they’re worth, they probably are!

Had a buyer get in touch with me yesterday about recording their commercial voice-over. Since this was a custom order request, I asked to see the script - basic stuff, right? You know, so that I can tell them a. how much it costs; b. if I’m willing to do the script at all based on the content, and; c. how long it will take to record.

Queue buyer telling me how he is sick and tired of sellers asking to see scripts beforehand, because they are always trying to rip him off by charging more than the script’s actual price.


I explained politely that I actually just want to let him know if I’d be willing to record the script at all (I don’t record explicit content among a couple other things). I also explained that I am not trying to trick him, the price will be the same as advertised on my gig page.

He said, “I understand. OK, as long as the price will still be $10, I will send you the script.”

Today he sent me the script, which was within the agreed word limit, and I sent him the offer which we had just agreed on 24 hours earlier… $10.

Buyer’s response? “that’s too expensive”.


In other news, the rest of my clients this week have been an absolute joy to work with. All things considered I’m pretty happy with my workload and client base. All the same, trust your gut. If you think a client is going to be trouble to work with, don’t send them an offer. You’re entitled to say no!


10$ is super expensive. :joy:
L- Logic.

I also had a client who came from my gig, saw my prices, asked if I can do the job, that he need to send me the file and to review before he placed an order. And after this we still had conversation about my prices, even though he clearly saw the pricing before.


Oh for god’s saaaaake. They will be back, asking you to correct the other seller’s shoddy logo.


That’s when I would stop responding.

I just don’t get people like this. It’s like walking up to a clerk in a store with a gun drawn, in the expectation you will get better service.

You are right about trusting your gut. Every time I don’t, I regret it. This is why now I cut off conversation at the first sigh of trouble. After 7-years of freelancing, I’ve also lost all patience with time wasters.

One person recently got into 4-messages before revealing that they were confused about my pricing. When I asked why, the problem was explained as down to me writing for $5 in 2015 when they last ordered.

It transpired that the potential buyer was expecting 3000+ words for $30 max. I simply (politely) explained that my rates are as advertised, as most other sellers’ are. In this case, it might be best to only contact sellers in future, if already happy with starting prices for work.


They wouldn’t :see_no_evil: I blocked them right away


The entire time I was reading this, I was thinking to myself ‘I bet it was a low value order too…’

Because for whatever reason, it’s always the guys whose order is $5 or $10 who want to kick up a stink. The customer who’s going to spend $250 with you never questions it, because they understand the value.

We had a buyer message us about a month back, before we’d decided to roll commercial rights into our pricing. He had a short script, but it was being used to sell their new product. We quoted him with Commercial Rights, maybe $30 all-in. He came back saying he was fine with everything except the Commercial Rights, as “anything bought on Fiverr will be for business”. We politely stood our ground. He then said “You’re by far my preferred option, but I’m going to check with a few other VO artists, as I want to ensure you’re being honest about Commercial Rights.”

Aaaaaannnnnddddd block…


I just had someone message me with some questions and then say “too expensive” and then the next day continue with more questions as if he didn’t say that. I’m not sure why he continued to ask me questions if he thought it was too expensive.

I think that a new seller would have dropped the price when he said that and that is what the problem is. They come to expect that.


That is so insensitive.

From what I read about commercial rights, it’s the norm in the VO business to charge separately for them, just as with any type of performance. It might help to have a very brief explanation of this you could send people.


Yeah!! I will do, mam. Thanks.:blush::blush:

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You know the best, mam. Most welcome.:blush::blush:

Definitely the norm to charge for them, and we have a template message that we send which usually does the trick. It wasn’t so much the fact that he was ‘checking up’ on us, it was the fact that he felt confident enough to tell us that’s what he was doing, and think that we would welcome him back with open arms once he’d confirmed that we weren’t lying to him!

It was the classic power-shift; the “I’m the buyer, and you’ll be grateful for my order no matter what” attitude. And for the most part, we ARE grateful for all of our orders, because most buyers treat us with the same respect that we treat them. It’s just the unfortunate few that cause issues (although they do at least leave us with good anecdotes!)


It can be a type of test also from a certain type of frame of mind, to see if you will take abuse willingly.

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You should’ve send him a screenshot of fiverr TOS about copyrights and block him after that :wink:

I really don’t like when people are saying that we are “dishonest” when it’s a very obvious thing.

I had one buyer who placed an urgent order but didn’t fill the requirements, I sent her reminders, they came back only after the potential deadline to ask where is their order and when I pointed out that they didn’t fill the requirements their response was: “I did. I expect my delivery now. You are just trying to trick me, charge more for fast delivery and don’t do your job”

I just asked CS to cancel their order after this. Can’t work with someone who still blames a seller even after the screenshots and explanation that everything is recorded on fiverr especially the requirements part.


I have been in Fiverr for a few months now, I haven’t even had my first real order, only a few guys asking me to do business outside Fiverr, and another one that made me lost my time as he made me do a test project and at the end the only thing he really wanted was my number to “know me better because i was cute” … So sad. Wish me luck!! :wink: :expressionless:

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I support you dear you are right.

Honestly, this is so insulting. I am a person. I’m not a robot on the other end of this transaction trying to trick you into spending money. YOU hired ME. I did not solicit your business. Stop treating me like a dancing monkey :angry:


Oh no! I’m so sorry, this is really gross. Unfortunately I have had a lot of men try to get me to contact them outside of Fiverr, too. The moment a potential buyer seems like they might be heading this direction, just block them straight away.


Yes, $10 is very expensive.
From another similar thread:


I feel your pain.

Had some guy telling me he needed something urgently - and needed the file in the next 2 hours.

I said sure, but you have to pay extra for that, suddenly it wasn’t so urgent.


Thanks, I always tried to be polite, but it is really frustrating. I will block them from now on.