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Trust your gut

Recently I had an order from a client that just didn’t seem “right.” Still I went ahead and wrote the story. Sadly… just like I felt would happen – happened he gave me the lowest feedback I have gotten since working on here. :frowning: I’ve contacted fiverr about canceling the order because the client was unhappy and didn’t note it soon enough. He agreed when I sent him notice of this.

So my tip… trust your gut ; if you think something isn’t right with an order ; normally it isn’t. Move on to another order and just cancel that one. It’s not worth the stress or worry or hard work to have an ungreatful buyer or have a buyer ruin your awesome rating.

Seriously… I knew knew knew I should have canceled but didn’t! LOL… lesson learned! :slight_smile:

It has happen to me as well. One time a client contacted me to discuss the project. After a few emails we were not connecting so I said I could not do the gig. A week later he came back begging me to do the gig. I was hesitant but I did it anyways and guess what he was not happy with the work. UGH!

I guess it is kind of like dating. You go on a date with someone and you don’t click so no 2nd date unless they beg :slight_smile:

Ugh. This is terrible. I’ve totally been there. I put together a discussion board about this a few months ago if you guys want to take a look:

But at the end of the day, yes - I totally agree. It’s about trusting your gut.

@steveeyes - glad to hear you take pity on dates who beg :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep your gut in good health. @david388 is more of a “trust your heart” kind of guy!

Reply to @steveeyes:

Been married for 11 years so have NO idea what dating is like this century! LOL… but I’m glad you understand that hesitant feeling. The begging sucks!

Reply to @landongrace: haha, thank you Landon!