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Trust your instincts to preserve your rate

Since I’ve started asking Buyers to communicate their expectations BEFORE ordering it has saved me revisions and preserved my rate. In my category (Spokesperson/Testimonials) revisions mean a complete redo of an order and thus reduce the rate to nickels. The kiss of death.

At the initial messaging phase it’s usually pretty obvious if a Buyer understands my category and my gig or not. If not, then I try to educate them. It’s a rare occasion when I can’t get through to someone. That’s when I trust my instincts and I politely bow out of the project.

If i’m wrong, then I’ve erred on the side of caution and protected my rate. And I’m just fine with that… I’ll use that time to market my gig.

Thanks for your post. I think you should trust your instincts no matter what, not only to preserve your rate. But yes, it can be really helpful. Thanks again.

I agree that you can tell in the first messages if a buyer understands and can decide if you are able to work well with them.

That first gut feeling is unbelievable important. It’s the moment where I decide whether or not to work with a buyer. The price is never an issue with this. There is no good price tag for a trip through hell.

That’s true. Like a friend of mine will always say, trust your journey.

Thanks for the post.

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In the end it’s indeed a consideration about time and money. I once refunded because the discussion would have taken more time than the gig was worth.

Nice approach for trusting them instincts “Buyers to communicate their expectations BEFORE ordering…” hopefully that continues to limit the revisions thus avoiding the dreaded “KOD” or The kiss of death…:smiley:

I like that 5/100 ratio Sir! :smiley:

i cut and paste from a series of explanations I keep on my desktop. The time I spend communicating with Buyers is the cost of doing business.

I always ask for a message before they purchase, but I only get one 10% of the time. Despite it being in bold, highlighted, at the top of the description.

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Make a jpg with black background and white text [Please message me BEFORE ordering. Communication is key to your satisfaction.] Then upload it to your gallery next to your picture. You’ll get better than 10%.

Am glad to say i used this tip for my last buyer and it really did help. Thanks.