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Trusted a buyer to place order, finished their order before order was placed, now I am getting no replies :(

This is mostly my fault as I trusted a Buyer to place an order on Monday as they said they would. They told me I can begin working on it beforehand. I only agreed to it because they had a website, amazon products with many reviews, etc. I assumed they would have integrity due to this and there shouldn’t be a reason they wouldn’t do it.

I finished their order on Sunday, expecting them to place the order on Monday as agreed upon so then I could send them their finished order for revisions right away.

Well, I have messaged them twice now. Both times I see logged in some minutes ago after I sent my message asking if they are going to place their order.

I even gave them a discount, which I rarely do. This wasn’t a 5 dollar order either, it was $700.

Just a warning for the rest of you, people with successful businesses can still have 0 integrity. At least tell me you changed your mind instead of ignoring me, I would feel a little better.

Never trust anyone.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

A buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver.


Hence “mostly my fault”


Sorry, this was all your fault. No order = no pay or protection when things go wrong. It’s really that simple.

In future when someone asks you to deliver work without placing an order, just say no.

There is never an excuse.


He might order yet, you never know. Fiverr has been terribly buggy the last day or so, with many people unable to send/receive messages or deliver orders.


Yeah, lesson learned :slight_smile:

Did you deliver the work? Or is it just sat on your computer now? If the latter, at least it was only wasted time and not someone running off with your hard work for free.

You’re absolutely right though, and in fairness, we’ve been burnt. We had a client who would regularly place $300+ orders with us. He’d send the script, we’d quote, he’d order a few days later, we’d do the work. There was one occasion where we were about to go away for the weekend, and he’d asked for a quote, so we just did the work and kept the file on our computer desktop, knowing that when he ordered in a few days time, like he always did, we could just hit deliver.

He then disappeared for about 6 months before randomly returning a month or so back!

It was no harm as we never sent the files, but we learnt not to lift a finger until the client has paid in full, even if it’s someone you’ve worked with many times before.

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Or they have logged in but were unable to either message you or place the order.

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My advice would be to not send them any message any more. Just wait for them to either send you back, or just move on.
2 years ago a buyer contacted me, then I kept sending them asking if they will place the order (1 message a day for 2 days), they marked my message as ‘spam’ and I got a warning.
If there is no actual running order between you and a buyer, sending them a message can be marked as spam, be careful.

Just wait till (if) your buyer contacts you.

Good luck.


Fiverr strictly indicates about not to start a project before placing an order.

Hope the best for you, good luck.

Do not send them anything. you have worked on. The only thing I would do now is send a custom order for the total of the work done and quote in the order box what you have done and their request for the order. Wait a few days and If you are able to use the deliverables for another customer let them know you will be doing that and then stop messaging them. They were probably hoping you would send the completed order through the inbox and had no intention of ordering. They are probably waiting now to see if you send anything. Send them a custom order.

Just let the work lie in wait in your computer. They will come for it at the right time. Luckily, you haven’t sent it to them via inbox yet.

You might even run into another buyer who might even pay more for similar service

We’ve all made mistakes, folks. Seller technically shouldn’t have started work on the order, but I know I’ve gotten a head start once or twice with larger orders, too.

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That’s a point. A lot of people have been experiencing this bug.

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There are maybe four or five clients I think I would do this for if asked (not for more than $150-200). All of those have been ordering regularly for 18+ months. However not one of those would ever expect me to do $700 of work in advance, they have common decency.

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Yes. Also, if someone sends you files or a link or even login data for a successful whatever, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s their successful whatever, they might be just outsourcing their own customer’s work and be a successful outsourcer (if success is measured in $ saved by scamming people) with 0 integrity.

Sorry you paid so dearly for this lesson in any case. :frowning:

Unless it was indeed caused by the recent Fiver “interruption” I believe it’s called in the banner, and they’ll yet get back to you and order and pay. Fingers crossed.

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