✔ Try not to give negative rating to your seller without asking revisions or refund


Hello Buyers,

Actually I am a buyer as well as a seller on fiverr. Here is my another tips for buyer.

On fiverr try not to give negative rating to your seller without asking revisions or refund. You will be benefited. Because all good seller on fiverr must try to maintain there good ratings. So that, they do a very hard job on fiverr. Actually many services can’t be possible only for 5$(Actually 4$) but they are doing. Many times they accept buyers extra request not related to gig offer. They do it just only for a good review. So if you think that your seller is not good enough then ask for a refund, otherwise ask for a revision. Hope helps.

Yes, it’s true that there are many unqualified garbage seller. But you can easy find them by checking their review given by other buyers. So do not just place order to see their gig sample images. You can read my another tips on this here…

"Read before buying Logo Design Gigs on Fiverr"


Thank You


I do logo, banner and website header design on fiverr



I always mention “If you need any revision, just ask here i will do the requested revision quickly” But few time Buyers wont read this and post a negative feedback!


I just worked hours on just 2 gigs made several songs from scratch redid vocals 3 times extended the song extra 30 seconds free of charge and after all this she wants a refund I am definitely not going to do that:)


Hi, I had bought a logo gig and didn’t like the work see this link http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/8984/how-many-times-can-i-ask-for-edits-and-other-questions-#Item_7 I have been giving chances to the seller and all this has been dragging for weeks… anyway, what you have mentioned is what my thoughts are, negative reviews are not good for the sellers… anyway, will try to ask for refund first. Thanks


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Not liking the work doesn’t mean it’s worth a negative rating. If an artist does everything he/she can to make you happy and you just don’t like the end result. That doesn’t deserve a negative rating. If the seller doesn’t listen to your input and isn’t friendly/non responsive. Then that is a negative rating.


Reply to @vedmak: We already had that intention in mind, we were going to pick one out from a few seller, and continue to work with those that can deliver work of reasonable quality


Reply to @thuyta: Agrees :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: Fair enough


Reply to @matt_garry: Fully understand, but if I were you, and she is just “the one out of ten” I would give her the refund and move on, use the time to work on another 4 gigs!


I agree.

It’s a huge bummer when someone gives a negative rating when they weren’t satisfied with the work. I don’t know what some of these people expect for $5. I sell my work for hundreds outside fiverr. All they have to do is ask for a revision or refund, and I’d be more than happy to comply.


I am seller on fiverr and completely agreed with your tips for buyer.

In my opinion, A true fiverr seller prefer feedback instead $$ on any cost.

So Please buyers, Ask revision or refund instead of (-) feedback.



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We all rave for that %100 personal/gig rating so instead of letting your buyer unsatisfied with your delivery try to over-deliver, make 1-2 revisions or if he isists on canceling his order then be it. Cancel, refund and don`t get that negative review


Try not to give negative rating to your seller without asking revisions or refund!

I disagree with this statement. A seller must deliver at the very first time what he described to deliver. I had 9 gigs ordered and hardly the half was delivered as described and/or in time. No excuses! Therefore make your description as seller as accurate as possible, ask the right input you need to execute your gig and ask your buyer in case you need more information or if buyer not delivered the correct input. Remember, YOU as a seller offering a service which thousands others as well and ONLY by “DO IT RIGHT AT THE FIRST TIME” you can make a difference.

As “hot” sub-issue is also that often sellers asking for a better rating for a refund - not acceptable!

The statement “Please buyers, Ask revision or refund instead of (-) feedback.” I do not support at all!