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Try to include SELLER REQUEST

From the first day i joined fiverr i have been wondering why the sellers are posting on buyers request and how is it approved even after review. I can understand the frustration of some sellers trying to get orders. But its not right at all.
Most of the sellers are those who are trying to get there first 10 or 20 orders…
So my suggestion is why can’t a seller request be added for those sellers who have very less sales on there gig at least there may be some good people who would buy there gig for low rates…

Comment your suggestion about seller request…


Then entire Fiverr platform is “seller request”.


but there can be a section for those who have really less sales

or you could just work hard like we all did at that stage.

Yaa i don’t have any problem doing that i am talking for those who post there requests on buyer request…
I myself am very happy with my 2 months experience on fiverr and getting level 1 seller batch :v:

There’s a section for new gigs.

And there’s the “My Fiverr Gig” part of the forum.


I think he thinks that having seller request section will stop sellers from posting in buyer request. But there’s no need of it. Fiverr should just make a strong spam filter.

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spam filters cannot block all of them people are clever enough to put it in such a way that spam filters cannot detect them

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I think so, too. But it won’t. Just like having a part of the forum dedicated to self promotion (My Fiverr Gigs) doesn’t stop people from posting their gig links all over the place, and/or hijacking other people’s threads.


If there’s a section for those who really have lesser sales, do you think sellers would want to trade in those sections?

Seller section , would Be nice idea

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Sure, and after that we need a separate page for beggars :slight_smile:


hahahaha…you are right

sellers would surely because new desperate sellers go for whatever they can… to increase there sell and get some nice reviews

Just do some work on promoting and improving the gigs you’ve got on your profile, then you won’t need to worry about buyer requests, seller requests or anything like that! :slight_smile:

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there are many sellers out there who don’t really know that there is even a place where they can advertise there gigs if the site provides a direct way that would be much better

yaa i agree @offlinehelpers but if its giving many people a lot of relive to add a seller section then why shouldn’t they

As @uncarved already said, the whole Fiverr site IS the seller section! :slight_smile:


but here high rated sellers are considered more right… so where should the new sellers go… i think that’s the reason they go in buyer request… i think you understand that much @offlinehelpers

I understand everything you’ve said, I just don’t agree with it - that’s all. :wink:

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