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Trying hard to get my gig out there. Need money for college!


So if anyone has any tips, please help me out.

My main gig is

and I have a couple on the side for advice and writing.

Please help! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much


promote it in social media sites and some related forums

and also add videos to gigs if posible, that will put you in haz video section too

also keep looking in gig suggestion box that appears in green on RHS may be someone needs the service you are providing

GOOD LUCK :slight_smile:


Your gig is very broad… when people search for gigs, they do it by keywords like “logo” or “banner” or “avatar,” stuff like that. Make a separate gig for photo retouching. Don’t post it all in one gig.

Also, do not post external links, like you have on your gig.

You can also check out :slight_smile: