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Trying out the promoted GIG function but

Hey guys!

Is promoted gigs working for you? I have a flat line for quite some time.

I was very excited when I got this function for two of my gigs. But seems like whatever I do I cant get any impressions on the gigs! When starting I got some 30 impessions but this number is staying the same for a month now:

I insanely raised my price just to see if this would be any better but still 0 impressions and 0 clicks


Am I doing something wrong? It is not like this is not a hot GIG. I had over 200 sales of this gig and also I see competitors with 10+ orders in que.

So what should I do that my gig starts promoting and showing on first page?

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any sugjestions?
anybody? :slight_smile:

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Mine does the same thing (it’s not promoting any more even though I’ve set it to promote with high enough bid values - quite a lot over the amount it recommends). Contacting CS might be best to see what’s happening or fix it if it’s not right (eg. a bug), using the link at the help centre or address.

If it’s not a bug they might have just stopped it on purpose after promoting it for a while or there’s too many people promoting. It’s worth asking as really if the bid amount is high enough it should really get promoted if it passes Fiverr’s criteria (and it should say if it doesn’t pass it - and not allow a user to add a bid).