Trying something new for gig title


Hello Fiverr Family,

How are you feeling on this beautiful Friday?

I have a quick question. I am trying something new by putting the statement “check out samples in video” in my gig title.

Does anyone know if we can do this and if it is acceptable by Fiverr?

Thank you for your time.

Pastor Dre


I don’t remember seeing any rule against it, but considering that the title should describe the service you provide in a clear and concise way, cluttering it with such a statement could be seen in a bad light…

So I advise asking CS about this specific matter :wink:


It is okay you can put it in my opinion…


Can you suggest?
what kind of new ?


Your opinion might be exactly the opposite of Fiverr’s opinion, which could not be OK, so if I was you I wouldn’t encourage someone doing something that may or may not be legal based on my own opinion with no strong proof to back it :wink:


This right here is a good rule for life in general.