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Trying Something New.. For Me


Most of my buyers realize that, when mistakes are made on their end, they need to rectify it - be it paying more for an article or adding to the deadline or both. However, on occasion, there are buyers who, for whatever reason, fail to do this. I don’t know why; don’t care to know why. Here’s what I do know - in the past, I’d send them a cancellation request.

Fiverr’s new evaluation system got me to thinking about these buyers. So, here’s what I did.

I’ll do half of what he paid for and send it on. Yes, there is that possibilty that he’ll come and leave a negative review but it will be my response that blows his out of the water. I had already sent the buyer two requests to satisfy the word count and deadline (those were ignored or overlooked because he was ONLINE after I sent them). I reached out four times to get his attention.

I rewrote half of his article for the $5 he paid and sent it on, advising him if he’d like me to continue, he needed to pay the full amount requested.

Will it work or will my efforts be in vain?

Time will tell!


Perfect! Sometimes there are things more important than trying to get a good review, no matter what you have to put up with. Taking a stand and not backing down when someone tries to take advantage of you is immensely rewarding.


To be honest, orders which come with shaky order details, I still just cancel straight away.

There have been several times now where I have been working in a shared coworking space with other freelancers and this really awkward conversation has started.

“Hey, what are you up to today?”

“Oh, just that ICO article I was doing yesterday.”

“Why? Did you mess up?”

“No, the client just didn’t mention the biggest and most important detail they want covering.”

“So he’s paying you to do it again?”


“I don’t understand. Why would you do this?”

Basically, when you inject some real-world oversight into the equation, free and $5 revisions (due to buyers not being on the ball), start to make you feel like you do when at a posh house party and the toilet won’t flush.

I now put time and $$$'s first over buyer hand holding.

9 times out of 10, a basic order which requires one or more revisions due to buyers not supplying key details, leads to me having to allocate extra time to that order. Meanwhile, I can have a higher value, much more rewarding project come in, which it is not fair with regard to that buyer that I have to put on the mental back burner.

Of course, the Fiverr St Levels mayhem isn’t in favor of this particular working style. At present, however, I get the majority of my writing work off-Fiverr and those orders always get priority. Also, while I do see Fiverr order volumes dip whenever I cancel an order (due to buyers miss-ordering/not providing details), my total freelance earnings are at their best from over the past 3-years.

Lastly, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable delivering a piece of work which could be considered purposefully unfinished. To me, a half rewritten article could be considered by the Fiverr CS robots as an unfinished piece of work. I, therefore, wouldn’t even risk delivering such an article. - Especially given that the majority of buyers whom can’t articulate their brief, are also the ones who fly off into fits of rage when they don’t get what they want.


I was actually very cordial in how I handled this one - The buyer supplied me with an article, and I rewrote half of it. I purposefully left out two sections out of the four sections that need to be rewritten still. I moved it down to the second page and put in BIG BOLD LETTERS that this section still needed to be rewritten.

Then, I explained to him in detail in the delivery that I attempted to contact him four times regarding this order and how it was not ordered correctly, and he proceeds not to handle the matter. So, I delivered more than 300 words (really about half of the article) and told him if he would like to continue, he would need to order the remaining amount for me to rewrite the rest of the article.

As for CS, if they cancel the order, it’s because they didn’t look into the matter properly and see that I did reach out to the buyer concerning the matter. I’ve thought about shooting them a message myself to let them know about the situation but ehh… maybe it won’t go that route. Who knows?

I didn’t handhold the buyer, I gave him the day with two offers to view; he was online multiple times and even just now. He still refuses to address the extra word count. So, it is what it is. I wrote the article with his $5 budget. If he’s upset that the full article isn’t done, well… it’s on him and his budget; not me.


Let us know how this went for you. :thinking: