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Trying to balance quality service and still make sales

I really like offering unlimited question psychic readings it’s something I love doing. I don’t like having to limit the questions the customer can ask. But as soon as I started offering unlimited no word count psychic readings, I basically stopped making money and started getting bombarded with orders. How can I balance out offering customers unlimited question psychic reading but still sell some gig extras?

Reply to @mystic_insight: thanks this really makes sense

You could use extra gigs

Offer unlimited questions, but offer a limited time-frame to answer them. For example. You may answer unlimited questions up to 30 minutes for $5, if they want a longer time spent with you, charge in the extras.

This way you can offer unlimited questions from buyers while at the same time still meeting your bottom-line. So perhaps, rather than answer “unlimited questions” answer questions within either a scheduled session or a total time-frame.

Reply to @freelancemm: thanks for the idea but the whole idea of " unlimited questions" doesn’t really go well with a time limit. I think a time limit would be even more difficult to manage than a question limit

@azoya186 worked well for me in previous gigs I have ran(Albeit, I deal in a totally different market than you.). Essentially there is a Q&A session and I don’t really “highlight” unlimited, but I do say they can ask as many questions as they want within the allocated time limit. Best of luck though on figuring out what works best for you, :slight_smile:

Reply to @freelancemm: thanks so much for your advice :slight_smile: I’ll definitely give it some thought