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Trying to be a voice actor on Fiverr

Hi any and all, my name is Joey. I am a voice actor looking to make Fiverr a new business “home”. I currently have two gigs up and so far I’ve got nothing but spam messages. I am looking to talk with other voice actors on this platform who will more experience than I currently have (which is 0 lol).

If any seller has some advice on how to promote yourself, it would be a great help.

This is what I have done so far:

created a VO gig, but my prices were high.
deleted the gig thinking that would be a better option.
I created a new gig but changed the prices a few times.
I created another gig and have not changed the prices.
Both starting at $10, the extra have different pricing since both have different needs.

I am not sure if deleting or editing gigs affects the searchability.

Thank you for your time and I hope to connect with you all! :smiley:

  • Joey

Don’t modify gig so often. Do some research and get idea from other best seller gig on the same services. and do some social share of your gig.

As a trained voice actor (though I don’t offer that as a service here on Fiverr), I can tell you this: merely having a gig on Fiverr is not going to lead to the kind of success you seek. You need to find ways to connect directly to the people who need your style/voice of acting/VO. You need to connect to the people who need what you have to offer. With thousands of real (and many self-proclaimed) voice actors here on Fiverr, you’re going to get lost in the crowd, unless you find ways to stand out, be unique, and be a flashing red light, so to speak, that captures attention and says, “hire me.”

Just like in the overall acting world, your competition is EXTREMELY high. What makes YOU unique, and how can you use that uniqueness to encourage buyers to stop and look at you, instead of your thousands of competitors.

Fiverr is not an easy-money website, and you are in an even more challenging service field than other categories. You really need to stand out, and only you can figure out how that will happen.


Hello, I experienced the same thing when I joined Fiverr with my voice acting gig. Nothing but spam. I spoke to a few other voice actors who have gigs on here and got good advice.

Anthony Pica on YouTube is a good source for voice acting Fiverr advice. If you’re a low seller make sure your prices are low, like $5. Make sure you use searchable words in your title. Search different terms on here and see how much competition there is for those terms. There is less competition for “voice actor” than “voice over”. Make sure your keywords are good. Look at the top sellers and see what they’re doing in terms of profile. Make an intro video for your gig. Make different gigs with different key words and see what gains attention. You can do it!

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