Trying to be Patient


May 1st I ordered a website design. The agreement was that she would charge by the amount of pages on my website. I agreed to that. It ended up being over a hundred dollars but I was fine with that. Along the way she had problems come up and I had no problems with that either.I was quite patient on waiting even after the deadline.We had problems with hosting but I fixed that. She finally finishes the site and not all pages are up. I mention it to her in a message and she tells me she forgot. I figured that’s okay because she said she would add them. I messaged her a little after she never added the last pages and she said she couldn’t because the site was down. Of course the site was down because I didn’t want to pay twice for hosting. I told her I could send the last pages. That was weeks ago. I checked her profile. She has no problem doing new orders but will not finish this old order. I’m getting tired of messaging her and hearing the same excuses when I paid for all pages not just the ones she felt like doing. She has nothing but 5 star ratings so I’m considering just staying away from ordering here.


There are so many sellers who can and will do work on time. Some may ask for an extension and as a buyer, I don’t mind one request or maybe even two if they are sent before the deadlines are up and there is a good reason. The main thing is to refuse to mark an order as complete until you receive everything you paid for. If it drags on and on, that can be a major red flag.

Hopefully you haven’t ever marked the order as complete since it actually wasn’t. If you didn’t, you still have the opportunity to press the request modification button. That way the seller cannot receive the payment without finishing the work. You might be able to cancel (if the order is open) but since you did receive some of the work it would be best to go through Customer Support.

If you allowed the seller to deliver an incomplete order and you let it go to complete status, by now the seller has probably finished the 14 day clearance period and been paid for the work. I really hope that’s not what happened. You could try to explain it to Customer Support and see if they will do anything, but it’s doubtful if the order was marked complete. Buyers have to take care of themselves up to a point in any business transaction whether here or with other businesses. The only thing you have left if you let the seller deliver incomplete is to leave an honest review that says what happened. Good luck!


I’m confused by this. If the site is down because you didn’t pay for hosting how is she going to add pages to a non-existant site? The pages are files that have to be uploaded to a host somewhere. Do you mean you just want her to send you the files and not upload them anyplace?


It was back in May and I marked it as complete on the day she said she would get to it that night. Up until then I had no major issues. I’m mostly upset because of the money. At the moment I can’t easily order another design so I’m stuck with what I have. I messaged her recently and she didn’t even have the decency to respond.


As I said, for the site to have pages added to it, it has to be hosted somewhere. If it’s not hosted any place, that means that it’s just a bunch of files. So she can’t put pages on a site that does not exist.


We had hosting issues. Her files were PHP and I had Tripod. I told her that I would switch hosts. Tripod gave me thirty days of which imo was enough time to do what she needed to do. I did have things saved and sent them to her.


I couldn’t afford both and she had thirty days to add those last pages.


Ok but if the site WAS down when she tried to upload them then she couldn’t do it.

If you mean she waited too long that’s another story. She could still have sent you the files for the pages although you didn’t really have any site it sounds like when she tried to upload them.

If the pages are identical to pages you already have, you can just make duplicates of them and upload them yourself when you get new hosting.


It shouldn’t have taken her thirty days to get around to uploading them. She already knew I was changing hosts. If she was going to take some much time then maybe I should have kept the other domain for an extra month. I had everything up when I messaged her


Because those pages were in the pricing that I paid.


I wouldn’t be so upset if she had just responded instead of just moving on to other clients I would have paid another month of two domains.


I agree, she should have talked to you about it. And provided what she promised.

It’s a fantastic price for a website though.


Agreed. The price was great. I think I’m mostly upset because I kind of am too patient. The order started back in May and the issue is still going on. I hate complaining which is why I tried to avoid even bringing this up. It became harder when she stopped responding. I would even been fine with an answer of “I can’t do it.” I know I can copy and make a new page but I also felt weird doing it if she was going to add it. But I can give up on that.


I think it’s a very hard lesson, but it is a great price. You do have to toughen up a little as a buyer and maybe that’s more true in discount purchases. I know if I go to a garage sale and they tell me something is a real antique, I’m taking a risk if I trust them. Sometimes that’s worth it to me if the discount is steep enough, since I can afford to be wrong.

Even though it sounds like you got a bargain price, it also sounds like it was a lot of money to you, so the risk may not have been entirely worth the reward that you ended up with. That’s why the completion issue is also so big, especially when you’ve spend a larger amount. Truthfully I wouldn’t abandon the chance to get more amazing discounts over a bad experience, but I wouldn’t mark any incomplete orders as complete no matter what the seller says. I did the same thing once because I thought I kind of had a working relationship with the seller from past interactions. I never did get the video I ordered, so I learned the hard way too!

Maybe you can hire someone else to finish it for you or try what @misscrystal suggested by editing it yourself. I am not a web designer so I can’t comment much more on than part. :slight_smile:


True. I agree it was a hard lesson that I guess I had to learn. It could have been worse if it was for a much higher amount. I’ll definitely remember this lesson when I get around to ordering again. They did so much that it felt that I had to trust them. I did go along with what @misscrystal suggested and edited the stuff in.


Those who have five star rating did not mean that they are perfect,


The problem is YOU. Why wait for such long time (from May until August) See, You can’t leave a review and you cant get your cash back.
When you agree its 7 days delivery, so be it and don’t extend.