Trying to cancel an order



I placed and order for a logo design on Saturday. IT HAS BEEN HORRIBLE. The person I chose was a 4 star 500 plus ratings. I got terrible samples that were the exact same just different colors. I’ve worked with her for the last 4 days. Finally yesterday, I filed a “problem with order” The designer asked me to sketch what I was wanting and send it. I DID THAT and it is still not even close to what I sent.

I WANT MY MONEY BACK SO I CAN USE an english speaking designer. Who knew I had to figure out where they were from before I paid them???

The designer keeps canceling my dispute. What other option except charge back with paypal?


Follow through the dispute and you will get your money back. Keep in touch with buyer support and they will look after you.


I have hit the problem with order button twice. the designer keeps canceling it and she has not responded to me in 24 hours.
how do I find someone that is in the US to do a design easily?


I am sorry to hear about your experience. I wouldn’t recommend doing a chargeback. How much did you pay if you don’t mind me asking?


only $25.00 but I need this done ASAP


Your seller worked hard on this project. I assume they want to get paid so this is why he/she is rejecting your cancellation.

Your option is to drop the $25 and leave an honest review or request another cancellation. Make sure to tell the seller that you are not happy with the end result and that you won’t be using the design.

You also have the option to reach out to customer support. Tell them about your experience. They will look into the issue.

You can reach customer support at


I am pretty sure she didnt work hard at all that being the issue. there was a language barrier and IT IS FRUSTRATING


I understand, it’s probably frustrating for both parties. Good luck and hopefully you have better luck next time.


WOW yes, I am sure it is frustrating for a person advertising a service in the United states to mislead people into assuming she knows English. Only in American should I have realized, #1 do you speak English… You are right, I am sure she is overly frustrated with me.


:wine_glass: Hope that helps :blush:


Actually, the Fiverr company headquarters is in Israel and they advertise globally, so there are sellers (and buyers) from all over the place. Some things really don’t matter if you don’t need a lot of communication. I’ve bought from some solid sellers that couldn’t correspond well, but I wouldn’t have ordered from them if the gig had required a lot of discussion. Generally speaking you’ve got to message a seller before order and make sure you are a match.

For some gigs I choose someone in another country on purpose, like if I want translation I like to go to the source of the language I need. I’ve also chosen by accent for voiceover. Otherwise, if you need a gig that requires serious ongoing discussion, you can message a seller that lists an English speaking country. It’s still good to write to them since there are people living in the UK, US, AU who are not from there. That’s what I would suggest you do next.

Technically the seller did work and it’s too bad there were communication issues. I would give them their pay and leave an honest review. As some have mentioned, though, if you cannot come to any agreement with the seller, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to look at the situation and see if they feel the seller delivered enough. They may go in your favor and give you a credit so you can buy from a seller with whom you can communicate. Good luck.